Nicole Tewierik Confidence Coach


Hey there, I’m Nicole Tewierik!

I’m a business growth strategist + confidence coach, teaching professional mums to grow a thriving business + create a life they love.

I’m addicted to finding ways to draw out your inner Rockstar, I love it most when I see a woman own her sass, step up and take charge of her business, and finally admit what an incredible mama she really is.

You are ALREADY amazing.

You just need a little finesse and a whole lotta super-charged confidence. I know how to get you that.

I love sharing tips that will have you reaching to take action, discovering the honest truth about what it takes to grow a thriving business (while doing #allthemamathings we balance every single day), and frankly, calling the shots with a little tough love from time to time!

You’ll usually find me playing tea parties, curled up with a kitten by my side and a laptop on my knee, or transforming big and small businesses with the pizzazz that has seen me through 20 years of an amazing career so far!

I’m here because helping you become an empowered CEO with a thriving business and a life where you get your choices back is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Are you ready to find out what you can really do?