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You are the person who gets things done.

you deliver great outcomes and results in your business and at work. 

you are the super mum, amazing home-maker...

the super busy woman who puts everyone else's needs first and LOVES it...or do you? 


I've been there, and deep down I felt trapped, constantly guilty because I wasn't meeting my own expectations in anything. Frankly, I was tired.

Can you relate?

Do you put your happy face forward to cover the awful feelings you have because you’re always taking “more” onto your plate?

I did. Until I reached a breaking point. And then I figured out how to take control of how much I was cramming into life. I started taking responsibility for my decisions, worked out where my boundaries were...and figured out how to stick to them without an avalanche of guilt. 


This FREE webinar is for amazing women like you who achieve great things, and manage all the roles in life

step into your confidence so you can shed the guilt and overwhelm with these five actions.

They turned everything around for me and they can for you too.


Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you struggle to 'find' the time to progress your business idea or your career? Is the feeling of guilt for not doing "all the things" your constant companion?

It doesn't have to be like that! you can take control of how you are making decisions on your time and worth - let me help you lose the guilt.


Taking control of my time and the way I was thinking about the roles in my life was TRANSFORMATIONAL for me! I suddenly had 'permission' to be ok with the choices I was making instead of feeling guilty all the time. I had a way to explain why I was making those choices, but what was incredible was that I no longer felt like I HAD to explain them to anyone.


In this webinar, you will learn how to follow the five actions that I still use regularly to make sure I am keeping on top of my time, priorities and my image of self worth.

After the webinar you will:

  • KNOW where you are going and why
  • LEARN to focus your effort where it really matters for you
  • START saying no sensitively and with confidence
  • STOP being concerned about what others think
  • KNOW your value and own your unique skills and experience
  • STOP feeling like you have to "fake it until you make it"
  • SHED self-doubt and ditch the overwhelm!

grab your spot in the conflicted to confidence webinar now!