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hey i'm nic!

I'm your resident mindset and business coach and I'm so pumped to be helping you smash through the barriers getting in your way.

Have you thought about coaching but are worried about taking the leap or making the big time commitment?

Are you stuck on one or two things stopping your progress that you just can't seem to get around?


How would it feel to:

✔️ get through the learning curve FASTER so that you can have more time with your kids?

✔️finally nail down your ideal customer and their main problems so that you can speak directly to what they need to hear TO BUY?

✔️ plan out what you need to achieve this year and how you are going to get there with steps that MAKE SENSE FOR YOUR LIFE?

✔️ work through the things that are holding you back from doing what is needed to reach the NEXT LEVEL in your business?


These are just some of the things that we could work through together in my BREAKTHROUGH COACHING INTENSIVE!

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the Breakthrough coaching intensive might be just what you've been waiting for!

Designed for professional mum entrepreneurs like yourself who are currently struggling in a specific area of their business OR who what to jump start their lacklustre performance and start making sales with ease. You CAN kick those goals!


So, what's included?

session one: the two-hour intensive

I've designed the program to start with an intensive 2-hour zoom session with me where we will work through your struggles step-by-step right on the call. I want you to be able to see INSTANT results by walking away with a practical plan of action, and a renewed sense of confidence and clarity in your business and where you are going. This entire program will be tailored to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


session two: the 45-minute follow-up

I know that when I'm accountable to someone for taking action, I'm SO much more likely to actually do the thing! That's why the intensive experience has a 45-minute follow-up zoom session a couple of weeks after the initial session. We will talk about what you have been able to achieve and the results, delve into any challenges that you have been having or take your results to the next level with some super-targeted planning. 



Accountability and answers when you need them are the difference makers! So I include VOXER support for my clients to get exactly the help that they need in between sessions. This talk and text "walkie-talkie" type app means that you have access to me during business hours (AEST) five days a week for jamming on ideas or thrashing out questions and challenges. It's a game changer for getting results.

my private coaching client welcome workbook

As a participant in the Breakthrough Program, you will receive exclusive access to my "Welcome Workbook" (only available to my private 1:1 clients). I designed the Welcome Workbook specifically to help my clients work through their vision and goals for their lives and businesses. The breakthrough that is achievable when you TRULY understand what you are working for and why is astounding and I wouldn't be being true to you if I didn't include this workbook for you too!

Extra bonus!


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Your Investment

I want this program to be completely accessible to everyone who is running a business and wants to kick-start their growth and results, no matter what their financial status, so I'm running Breakthrough for just $797 (including GST)

What are you waiting for???

if you are ready to take your business by the horns and make some massive waves this year, then register now!

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Are you wondering what it would be like to work with me? 


I love talking to aspiring and established female entrepreneurs about their businesses. what they want to achieve and why they are in business. My free planning call is an opportunity for us to suss out whether we think we could work together and to talk about the things that you'd like to achieve or work on in your business.