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Episode #3 How hitting rock bottom made me the most confident I’ve ever been

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Jeepers - this week was a tough one! What is it about getting super honest that just feels a bit ick? It’s probably because we spend so much time trying to be the super professional “I’ve got this” Mumma bear. It’s frankly exhausting!

I reckon this is particularly hard for mums because we feel like we have to be “on it” all the time. Throw in the need to be professional and prove ourselves at work and you have a perfect storm of denying how we are really feeling or worse, who we really are.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Been there? I bet you do, even if you can’t admit it right now!

It was so freeing when I decided it was time to let go - both in my career and as a mum. If you’ve been hanging around for a while, you will have heard me talk about deliberate choice - and it starts with who you spend your time with, what you give yourself permission to feel (and to give yourself a break), and ends with you making deliberate choices in every area of your life.

I want you to be able to have some tools to make deliberate choices for yourself so I designed a checklist to go with this episode that will help you with this! Enter your details below to grab it.

In it you will find a super easy process to follow that will help you walk through making decisions that free up your time, help you decide who you need to be hanging out with to help you get to where you want to go. You are going to work out where all your time goes and what is really important to you.

So let’s dive into this week’s episode! My story is not unique, but it is uniquely mine.

I was so unprepared for motherhood and all that it brought...and through all the anxiety, and pain, and sleepless nights and completely losing myself...through all of that, I found my mission, and I found my confidence. In some of the most unlikely ways!


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When I built my business, I did it from a place of connectedness and inner strength. It has made such a difference to how I grow, how I approach business, what keeps me going and what I love in my life. Here are some of the things that can help you do the same:

1. What is the thing that helps you get the “thing” done?

This is about your why. I know, I know...You’ve heard this one before. So let me break it down. There is a thing that you will do absolutely ANYTHING for, and I’m not just talking about your kids. It might be something to do with the purpose and impact that you want to make through your business. Or the life that you are striving towards. Knowing what this is changed my whole perspective about my business.

2. There is something that you are amazing at…

100% - you have a superpower (actually a couple of them, but let’s start with one) that will help you take your business to the next level. When you figure out the things that come naturally, that you love doing and that people want to hear or experience more of, you have found your super-power. So use it!!

I’m not talking perfection, but when I discovered that I was good at live, that I loved it and that could use the facilitation skills that I learned in my profession to teach - that was something that I could use. To help mums learn new skills, build their confidence and their businesses, and to grow my own business with some marketing wrapped around it.

3. Decide what success really looks like for you…

When I first went back to work after having my eldest daughter I found that I needed to redefine what good looked like. I couldn’t be the Director that I used to be AND the mum that I wanted to be...and I had to be ok with “missing out” on some things to keep the boundaries that I wanted to have.

It doesn’t need to be bad though. I found that as I got stronger in my convictions and in backing the choices that I was making, it just got easier and easier. I’m more efficient than I have ever been. And I BELIEVE in the results that are possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I have self doubt and guilt and worry just like you do! But I come at it from a place of belief, and I have lots of different tools that I can use to combat these little guys when they show up!

4. Smash through limiting beliefs - they have no place here

These guys are MASSIVE for starting to move the dial forward in your business. It is super scary how many things you are believing about what you can or can’t do, limiting what is possible in your mind before you even get started.

It’s weird how hard it is to be honest with ourselves don’t you think? If you are anything like what I was, you keep telling yourself you believe that amazing things are possible without digging deep to acknowledge what the REAL things that you think might be. That doesn’t work you know.

So, start asking yourself what do you really think you can achieve and why do you think those things? Strangely, when you actually name your limiting beliefs (write them down!) it actually takes their power away. Then you can start working out where they might be rooted in some truth (which just means that you got a skill to learn!!) and when they are complete bollocks (that’s when you can start turning them around with affirmations).

So there you are! The key things that were difference makers for me as I worked through to now. There’s lots more learning and growth to happen but that’s half the fun isn’t it!!

I’ve wrapped up all of my learnings in building my businesses into the Thriving Business Roadmap. It’s all centred around the number one difference maker - what you are thinking….worked through into what you need to be doing. Follow any of our great thought leaders and they will tell you the same. Grab your copy here and start making a difference in your business.