Who The Heck Am I To Be Doing This?

Hello there, my friends. This time, in today’s post we are delving into how much imposter syndrome is getting in the way for you. How often have you thought, "Who am I to be doing this?"


Today, I want to talk about something that gets in the way for EVERYONE at one point or another. It's that big beast called self-doubt. And it shows up as those little thoughts that pop up in your mind, "Who the HECK am I to be doing this?"

Can you relate to this?

Now, this looks like so many different things in your business. So let's go through some of them now so that you know how this is showing up for—and impacting—you.   

  1. Holding back from offering your view in a meeting or discussion because you think someone else there is more qualified.

  2. Holding back in your messaging and what you REALLY think in your marketing messaging because you are worried that you are going to exclude or put some people off.

  3. Undervaluing your services or time because you don't really think that anyone will pay more for them.  

  4. Being unable to describe the value that your clients get from working with you. (Hint: it's not just what you physically do for them—you have a massive impact in more than one way!)

  5. Feeling fear holding you back from putting yourself out there more in networking or scheduling client conversations.

  6. Not doing or offering something new because you don't think that you can do it or you’re not good enough like other people are.  

  7. Not actually asking for the sale when you ARE talking to a new or prospective client (or not upselling them to something that you KNOW that they need) because you don't think that they value you enough to want to do that. So you downsell YOURSELF!

  8. Actually having the thoughts sitting in the back of your mind while you are doing something new making you feel debilitating fear about how anyone could ever want to listen to, work with, follow, collaborate with you, etc.!  

Are you noticing a theme here?

This insidious little thought actually holds you back and impacts upon your ability to achieve your goals in your business in so many different little ways. It is a massive elephant that stops you from being able to grow. 

The worst thing about it is that it undermines your confidence horribly.  

Now, I'm not talking about humility. Humility is a valuable thing to have, but too often people take this emotion, this self-doubt that I'm talking about today, and package it up as humility to tell themselves that it is okay to feel like that because they are just being humble.

In fact, sometimes, they let it mean that they actually try to feel like that more because they have heard how important humility is!   


True humility comes from a place of confidence. Sounds weird right? 

But actually a humble person is a person who knows their true value, who has absolute faith in their ability to create transformation … to make a difference … but they don't have arrogance or pride around that value.  

They are humble and are open to learning at all times, to hearing what others have to say and to changing their perspective. It is an empowering place to be coming from. And it means that

there is something to be gained from every interaction that you find yourself in.  

Does that make sense? Can you hear the difference between self-doubt and humility?


So, how much is self-doubt actually showing up for you? 

While it takes time and effort to build self-love and confidence, you do have a choice in every situation you find yourself in of how you are going to show up.

Are you going to allow that emotion to overwhelm you and stop from being able to be the person that you know you can be? And share the wisdom you know you can share, the experience, the expertise, etc.?

If you have that self-doubt showing up and you stand up in the meeting and you share what you’ve got to share anyway, that is an example of you starting to combat self-doubt.

So how can you start to turn self-doubt around? 

At the core of the self-doubt issue is being able to recognise and acknowledge so let's do a little exercise. Get a piece of paper and write your answers about these: What has gone well in the last month? What did you do to make that happen?

Think about the situations and challenges you were in. How did you go through it? What are the skills you’ve used? What is it that you are good at that helped you overcome the difficult situations 

This is important because self-doubt plays into your self-worth.

Are you able to describe the value that you create for your clients and are you actually happy with what you are being paid?  

Are you compromising too much? Too much is when the sacrifice that you are making is simply not congruent with where you want to be. If you are really unhappy with it then it isn't a compromise worth making.

And are you giving away your expertise in a bid to feel more worthy?

Actually, worthy. Now there is a word. (Gosh there is a whole rabbit warren that this leads us down today, isn't there?)

Do you think that you are worthy of success?

If the answer is yes, then tackling self-doubt is something you absolutely need to do because they are linked together. It will enable you to take the action that you need to take to get you to the point of success, the success that you deserve, whatever success looks like for you.

It can be such a complex issue. Where is self-doubt showing up for your business? And are your recognising it? Is that “who the heck am I to do this” thought holding you back?

You can do things differently by recognising that there are things you are really good at. 

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See you again next week!                                                                                                


Lalaine Montecarlo