What does it mean to be the CEO of your business?

What does it mean to be the CEO of your biz?

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Three mindset hacks you can use now to be the CEO your future business needs you to be.

Mums in Biz Show - Episode One

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What does it mean to be a CEO of your business - think about this for a second for yourself.

There is a big shift that happens when you move out of the employee mindset which keeps you working hours in your business...hustling and being busy trying to get ahead. It feels great to be busy doing things, especially when your biz is young and you are getting used to the feel of things.



Stepping up into the owner shoes completely changes the way you think about and plan for your biz. Focussing on the strategies that will get you ahead instead of just being busy all the time!

Real growth only starts to happen when you lift your head up and let go of the busyness and the hustle. But it’s really hard to know what that means while you are trying to get there. So here are my top Three mindset hacks that you can implement now to become the CEO that your future business needs you to be.

1. Start acting like the CEO that your business needs you to be

Revisit your vision, where do you want to be and how do you want to be living?

What does your business look like in that future? How is it running, what sort of revenue are you making and how much are you working?

The answers to these questions will help you figure out who you need to be when you are running that business. Think about how you are operating, and how you are working, the decisions that you are making and your confidence.

What about what you need to know? How are you showing up and getting visible in your business? Once you have a picture of who you are as the successful CEO of your future business, I want you to break it down and work out what you can change right now.

Small changes, made right now will transform your mindset and shift the way you are operating. You see, the thing that most people don’t realise is that you need to be operating as the future CEO before the success happens to get to the point that you can MAKE the success happen!

2. Challenge your limiting beliefs - don’t let them hold you back!

Do you know what it is that you are truly believing about what you can do and what is possible? Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and beliefs that you are holding about what you can get done, about the things that you can achieve in your business.

Often, something as simple as failing at something once can create a subconscious belief that you can’t do that thing. What about when someone says that you aren’t good at something or you watch what someone in your life struggles with?

They all make a difference, spend some time thinking about the things that you have niggling doubts over … write them all down and be really deliberate about turning those beliefs into positive statements.

3. Reconnect with your why so you know what is driving you to step up

Why is it important that your business succeed and what is the impact that that will make for you and your clients? The reason that this is important is because a great CEO does what it takes to push their business forward…mapping out what it takes and maintaining your focus to get there is a lot easier when you are coming from a place of truly being connected with your business and your purpose.

What is going to help you truly step up as CEO of your biz is keeping super close to the thing that drives you. It’s what keeps you focussed on being the person that your business needs you to be.

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