The POWER of creating systems in your business
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Three systems you need to be implementing in your business right now

Mums in Biz Show - Episode Two

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So let’s talk about the growth that you are missing out on by not creating systems in your business...

Have you thought about what it would mean to be able to create repeatable systems in your biz?

What if you could rely on regular revenue?


Think about that for a second and answer these questions for me...

  • Do you relish the hustle?

  • Does business happen with ease and grace?

  • Do you have freedom within your business to try new things without taking a hit on the bottom line?

  • Do you constantly focus on adjusting the right now to keep money coming in without time to focus on the long term?

See, business isn’t easy, I get that, but it doesn’t need to be hard either. We get so caught up in the excitement and buzz of being busy. Have you ever stopped to consider that you might actually be addicted to being busy? And that you are in this spiral of doing so many things that you don’t realise that a heap of it can be completely eliminated by creating some simple systems for the things that happen time and again in your business?

In fact, by streamlining the things that you have going on in your biz, you can create time for the important stuff. And even better than that, you can make sure that doing the important stuff is super easy!

So this week, to get you started, I’m gonna give you three systems you can implement right now in your business that will help YOU build long term growth and momentum.

1. Plan for how you are being visible and where

This means being deliberate about your social and marketing time and attention. This starts with doing your visibility map - include where are you going to post, how many times a day/week, what are you going to post, and what is the purpose of you posting.

I recommend starting with lining up a few key things to get you started:

  • Show up in one or two platforms online where you know your clients are hanging out

  • Participate in just a couple of groups - do this in a meaningful way, build relationships and get to know people so that they want to connect with you and follow you

  • Systematise your visibility - that means have a plan. This can be as simple as a table which maps out what you are posting where, update it once a week with your weekly activities, the copy and images that you are going to use, and then just execute on it, or have a VA do it for you….Social posting is an ideal place to start outsourcing inexpensively!

  • Use a scheduler where you can to streamline how you are posting and get things set up ahead of time

If you are ready to uplevel your visibility, think about getting a strategy around regular (weekly) visibility. This means working out how you are going to show up with new content every week to engage your audience and build your credibility.

This is super important to keep your list engaged and looking for more from you. If you don't have a list then you need to be building one and lucky for you this is also a critical part of list building!! (If you aren't list building, then you need to be! I'll talk more about this in upcoming episodes CLICK HERE to ensure you never miss one!)

2. Plan for how you generate revenue to hit your goals

Do you struggle hitting those goals consistently? This means setting intentional goals, starting with where you really want to be and working back from there.  When you are setting your goals, you need to consider:

  • What are the annual goals that you need to achieve to be able to get to your ideal life, then break those down into quarterly (90-day) goals

  • Plan how you are going to those 90 day goals, how it splits across the three months in terms of monthly targets, what you are going to sell and how you are going to sell it

  • Whenever you set a goal, write it down, say it outloud, test how it really feels to you. Do you believe in it? Why is it important? How are you connected to it? If you don't feel a connection with your goal then you will not achieve it. Simple as that. Your mind is a much more powerful force than you realise!

Each time you set yourself a goal - do you feel doubt start to creep in right away? I mean you’ve got the excitement and the determination but you aren’t 100% sure you can see how you are going to get there.

It’s amazing the difference it can make if you have a simple plan that you can follow.

If that sounds like something that you would like to get on top of, make sure you join us in the 5 Days to your next $1K challenge! Click here to join. 

I am gonna be helping you implement simple steps straight away during the challenge to create a process around how you go about achieving your revenue goals and building momentum while you are at it.


3. Plan for how you delight your clients

This is about simple, repeatable, and automated processes to tick all of the boxes for your clients as soon as they come on board with you, this should be comprehensive, immediate, and as automated as possible.

Consider the following things in how you deliver amazing experiences for your clients:

  • Have a plan for the experience that they will have as they work through with you - how they find you, what your email welcome or funnel are like, how they are onboarded, how you work with them, how do they get their product or service, how do they get help, how do you keep in touch….

  • Think in advance about how much time you need to spend with them, what little unexpected extras will enhance their experience or the outcome that they are going to get?

And remember this!!

Delight early and deliver consistently.

So there you have it, three systems that you can be working out and implementing in your business right now to change the results that you are getting, but more importantly, to remove some of the chaos in your mind and your to do list by streamlining and automating as much as possible.

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See you next week - on Episode Three where we are talking about Moving from HARD SLOG into HARD RESULTS - how you can get the focus that you need to only do what matters.

See you soon!

Nic. xx