How can taking a break from your business be the most important thing you do for your growth???

Mums in Biz Show - Episode 8

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It is so confusing trying to get your business moving today because there are so many people out there telling you “exactly what you need to do” to create a business that will (supposedly) blow you away with the results that you get.

Yeah - a bunch of it feels like a load of BS to me too.

But what I think is really important is figuring out how to be authentically you in how you move forward. There are some simple, logical things that you need to get right to succeed in your business...but what makes the difference for how you find your breakthrough point in biz is figuring out how to follow those steps while still being you.

So I’ve created The Thriving Business Roadmap with you in mind. The Mum in business who is looking for guidance on how to grow your business and remain truly connected to your values. For the woman who wants to know what she needs to focus on and master to make results come quickly.

Grab your copy here and get started on your success journey.

Alrighty - let’s get into what the heck I am talking about when I say that you NEED to take a break from your business every now and then!

First up, let me ask you a question, How overwhelmed are you feeling right now?

And not the slightly flustered, there’s a bit going on today kind of overwhelmed….I’m talking about the I can’t see straight because I’m feeling so sick to my stomach anxious about how I’m going to get everything done AND do it without my kids feeling neglected and my hubby wanting to leave home kind of overwhelmed…

It’s ok hon. I have definitely been there too and I know that it is not a fun place to be.

What I have learnt though, is that those are the exact times when I need to take a step back and get some perspective going. Because I know that I’m not going to be making smart decisions when I’m feeling like that and I’m also just going to be churning through the to do list without any real thought as to what the most impactful use of my time is going to be!

Let’s look at it from another side - cause I know right now you think I’m bat-sh@t crazy and it’s fine for me to say take a break but I CLEARLY have never been where you are at right now.

Have you ever noticed that when you are really distracted or doing something that let’s your mind wander aimlessly (not the kind when it’s frantically flitting from to-do item to to-do item - the other kind of wandering aimlessly...where it’s kind of empty...) that that’s when your best inspiration comes?

Well - there is a reason for that you know! Your subconscious is working away in the background trying to solve some of the problems that you are facing. It is processing little bits of inspiration that you have come across and percolating through the patterns in all the information you have…

This is when the goodness happens - when you have that amazing idea that comes from out of the blue (and you have to write it down because it disappears again in a wisp of white light).

And the only way that you can take advantage of the inspiration that comes out of your subconscious is to have time when you aren’t diligently working through a structured to-do list that outlines every step you think you need to follow to hit that goal.

We are so focussed sometimes on what our businesses need to deliver so that we can hit that goal that we engineer how it is going to happen so incredibly tightly! But that means that there is no space left for the things that are meant to happen so that we CAN hit the goal...or get to that ideal life.

One of my biggest and most groundbreaking realisations was that my business is only ONE part of the puzzle in how our ideal life and vision were going to come to fruition. But I couldn’t see what the other parts were until I released control a wee bit and let the magic happen.

FINALLY - you will not achieve anything if you are broken my love.

Unless you are a heart surgeon (and maybe not even then…), nobody is going to die if you take a little break to breathe in the fresh air. The world will not stop turning if your house is messy and you are a week behind in sending out a blog post because you’ve been playing at the park and building lego…

But YOU might.

You just might break, from exhaustion, and from worry, and anxiety...and loneliness in that little cocoon of crazy busyness that you have surrounded yourself with.

So. This is a message of self-love and care. You, your family AND your business will all be better for it if you take the occasional break. In fact, I just think that your biz might flourish from all the inspirational goodness and reflection that comes up.

I recently had a break from my business...I tapped in occasionally but I definitely wasn’t going out hard core and chasing growth. And the result? Things didn’t go backwards...and I got some clarity about my next steps that I didn’t have before. And I relaxed with my tribe and let them in. Because connection is really what we are all looking for.

Take a break friend - and tell me how you are feeling afterwards.

So there you have it - why I think that it is essential that we take a break from our businesses occasionally to stop and smell the roses....literally....

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See you next week - on Episode Nine I’m talking about how being a mum in business is a MASSIVE competitive advantage that you NEED to be exploiting.

Grow your biz, CEONicole Tewierik