You Have What It Takes To Make Your Business Successful

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. It's the reason that you are spending all of your time searching for the marketing mechanism that will work for you and your audience.

It’s the reason why you feel like everyone else is succeeding and you are missing the boat.


It's really all about you and what you truly believe you are capable of.   

You already have what it "takes" to grow your business, but I'm willing to bet that you don't really believe that.

So today, my goal is to smash through some of your limiting beliefs!


Most people, when they are focussed on growing their businesses, believe that they need to stick with one product, one way of working, one message—and if they stick with it long enough, then it will succeed.

There are also people who are chasing every shiny marketing object out there, listening to thought leaders and experts (and maybe some "not so experts") trying to find the marketing strategy that is going to work for them. They are nimble, feel that they are agile and able to pivot in their business, they think that they are responding to their market and giving their ideal client what they really want.  

Trouble is, they are also seeing a trickle of inconsistent and unsustainable sales. They are inadvertently giving their people the impression that they are a bit all over the place because they pivot too much.  

What these two groups have in common is that they will get their success from a thing that they need to learn from someone else.  

Most people when they are starting, running or growing their businesses think that they will find their success from something that they haven't learned yet.  

That there is a marketing strategy that they need to find to be successful.  

That there is a way to structure their products and services that they haven't learned yet that will make them successful.  

That they need something else for their messaging to work

But the problem with this is that it leaves you feeling like you aren't in control of your success.  

Like you can't control the outcome of what is going to happen in your business…

Like you can't influence your destiny.  

This is causing people to stay stuck.

Instead of spending the time to connect with your message and getting to know your audience and finding your inner confident CEO, you are spending your time trying to mimic the best bits of other entrepreneurs instead of figuring out what the best bits of you are.  

It undermines your confidence.

It's confusing trying to figure out what makes someone else successful and then assimilate that into who you are… how you show up.  

Does any of this resonate for you?  

I know when I get distracted looking at what other people are doing, I end up feeling completely muddled inside. It's not even just about being a bit confused. I feel like I get a little lost in who I am and who I need to be for my business.  

I get lost in what my intention and my focus is. And then everything takes longer than it needs to take and my message gets lost  


If you look closely at those successful entrepreneurs though—the really good ones—they are only playing their own game.

Their success is not about their marketing tactics; they work because they are the strategies that work for them.

Their message gets heard because when they were where you are right now, they stayed consistent with their message and got used to speaking it and super clear on what it was.  

They get reach because they took deliberate consistent action that was 100% aligned with their ideals, their dream client, and where they were going.

They kept their eyes ahead and only applied learnings when they were truly aligned with what they needed to learn to move forward.  

There is a difference there that is so important.


In fact, the point of what I want to get across today is that what you need to do to find a way to up-level your business is getting in touch with yourself and your belief that you have what it takes.  

See, no amount of learning new strategies is going to fast-track your success if you are unsure about whether you actually believe in yourself and believe that you can get it done.  

The one thing that you CAN learn from these entrepreneurs is what confidence and self-belief look like when they are showing up in their business.  

They are looking at the limiting beliefs that they have and working on smashing through them every single day.

Everyone has insecurities—no matter how successful or brand new we might be.

But the thing that will set you apart as an entrepreneur is not allowing yourself to be ruled by them.  

Did you know that the thing that causes most businesses to fail is that they stop?  

If you stop taking consistent action, stop trying, stop delivering your message to the people who need to hear it, then you will definitely not succeed.  

So if the thing you need to do is believe in yourself—to find the answers to all of the uncertainties that you are facing in your business—how can you do that?  

Think about the three things that you know that you need to do to get most movement forward in your business. They are likely the three things that you are avoiding. Perhaps they are visibility things, sales things, or growth things.

When you think really hard about each of those things, what is the overwhelming feeling that you have? Is it fear? Anxiety? Resistance?


I always feel it in my gut when I'm facing up to something that I have a limiting belief or fear around it.  

That's when I know that I need to dig deeper to see what is going on.  

It might be that you've never done it before, or are scared what people are going to think. It's usually a good idea to dig even deeper there because you are likely not worried about what "people" think—you are probably really just worried about what a couple of individuals or a small group will think.  

Sometimes, we have a genuine belief that we can't do something—usually based on a bad experience somewhere. But really, there are very few things that you can't do if you set your mind to it. Truly.  

If you commit to backing yourself and taking deliberate, consistent action, every day—focussing on your message and delivering it in a way that works for you and your audience—imagine where you will be in twelve months.

If you started to believe in yourself and listen to your instincts rather than relying on what others are doing to guide you, imagine how confident you would be—imagine how differently you would be showing up.  

You already have everything that you need inside you to make your business succeed. You just need to tap into it.  

I believe so strongly that the secret to succeeding in business is finding your most confident self so that you can start running your race. The one that you are meant to succeed at. It's at the core of all of the work that I do with my clients.  

When you are designing your strategies from a place of confidence and belief, and being truly aligned with your purpose through your business…you become unstoppable.  

It's all about your confidence, your alignment and your belief that you are meant to make an impact.  

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See you next time!

Nicole Tewierik