The Possibilities Of Creating Stronger Connections

Hello there again! Today, we’re talking about creating stronger connections with our ideal clients.

MIBS Episode 16

I really believe that we are creatures of connection. It’s absolutely core to our identity…

I remember when I was a new mum with my first daughter. I absolutely craved connection.

I pretty much lived at my best friend’s house for the first three months of my daughter’s life! She had a baby too, her second, and I was desperate to be around someone who made me feel less like I had no idea what I was doing - and a little more like I had some confidence to get this mothering thing right. ;)

Can you relate to that? It’s especially strong when we are feeling uncertain or lack of resilience.

We are ALWAYS seeking to connect with others in some way. It's absolutely no different in your business and yet we don't make that a priority.

Why do we shy away from connecting with our business tribe? Why don't we do what it takes to get in front of people and build strong connections?

Fear? Resistance? Procrastination? Lack of confidence?

Well, it’s all of the above!

Let me ask you—how often have you felt better about your biz and where you are at after talking to someone?

It happens to me every single time.

Every time I talk to someone, every time I connect with someone in my biz in a genuine way, it ups my energy!

I feel amazing about what I am trying to do.

It reminds me that I can do an impact and a difference for other people. And it inspires me to do more to make that happen.

It’s not different for your ideal client, love! You can energise them by connecting with them, by making them realise that someone genuinely cares about their situations.

It’s not hard to do.

So let’s jump into these tips that will help you show up differently in your biz and create that connection. How do you create connections with your ideal client?

1. Make the effort to reach out personally.

It’s about making time for it. Yeah, I can imagine you saying “I don’t have time for that.” That’s what I was doing in the past 12 months!

But we all have 24 hours a day. So what I’m saying is that you need to make this one of your priorities.

I don't have to eat much of your time. Take advantage of the available tools online!

2. Start a conversation with someone you have connected with meaningfully.

Say, for example, Messenger. If you’ve connected with someone more than once, you can bring that on Messenger to build a genuine connection, not to make a sales pitch, ok?

Say that you loved talking to her in XYZ group and thought you should connect with her there ... if that is okay with her.

3. Show up in a real way and get involved in people’s lives and businesses.

There are Facebook Groups where you can show up in a real way. Pick a few groups that are really well connected that might share your values and have your ideal clients.

Show up and engage, and do it repeatedly. And again, keep in mind that you are genuinely trying to build connection and to serve, not to market your business or sell them any product.

4. Invite people to reply to your emails.

If you have an email list, ask them genuine questions when you send them a note, and invite them to reply.

When they do, make sure you go back and forth with them. Get to know them more.

You’ll know they are craving a connection with you for some reasons when they make the effort to reply to your emails. So it is important to make the effort and prioritise them.

5. Meet people in person!

I think we don’t do this more often these days, what’s with being online and all. But there are fabulous meet-ups out there that you girls can participate with.

I’m part of Real Entrepreneur Moms. And the reason I’m part of that is that I think meeting people in person and real connection is so important.

It helps people to get to know you and to trust you. They get to know your business and what you offer, and they can even refer you to other people they know.

Again, your intention should be a connection, not sales.

6. Jump on calls with people.

Your email marketing or your social campaigns won’t do all the conversions for you. Jump on calls with people and invite people to talk with you about their issues. I highly recommend this, particularly earlier in your business!

It's always about being genuine and caring.

It's always about wanting to make a difference.

It's always about valuing yourself enough to share how you can help.

Deliberately showing up and connecting every single day is super important so that people know that you are genuine.

Are you ready to make a connection strategy? Write down three ways you can start connecting with people, exert efforts and allocate time for it among your priorities. And do it deliberately.

Building strong connections with people is one of the first steps that will lead you to reaching your goals…


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