Woo For The Practical Woman - What The Heck All This Fluff Can Really Do For You

Hey there! Today I'm digging into all the woo woo mindset stuff you are hearing about—and probably discounting completely—if you are a particularly practically minded woman.


There are a few things that are super important for you to have a think about though, and today I'm giving you the practical woman's guide to woo. 

There's no doubt that keeping your head in the game is one of the hardest parts about getting your business moving. I know that for most of my clients, the thing that stops them from doing most of the things that are going to move them forward…is confidence. What they are thinking and feeling.  

And today, I want to explore some of the parts of dealing with mindset and confidence that you might think are a bit out there. I know that the first time I heard words like energy, manifestation, intention-led goals, I was like, "Yeah, I'm a serious business woman…and I actually rely on my smarts and solid strategy thanks very much…"

But I was completely underestimating how all of these different concepts can fit together to help you to powerfully get back all of your confidence and start making a massive impact.  

So, to get this into a place where you are ready to hear what I've got to say today, I want you to talk to me about what's going on for you right now.  

You are likely hustling. Busy as heck trying to fit in mumming, maybe working, doing all the house things and you are working on your business too. Except you are fitting it in around the edges, and working in the spare minutes that you can grab around school drop-off and naps, and corporate meetings and commutes…

So when you sit down you do the thing that is screaming at you the loudest…or you don't and you avoid the things that are actually going to bring money in and you scroll through your socials.  

Maybe you are telling yourself that all the social presence is the most important thing because you need followers, but deep down you are feeling slightly panicked about whether this business is ever going to start making real money.  

Maybe you are feeling more trapped than you were before you started your business because now you have to do all the things that you were doing before as well as learn how to be a businesswoman and grow your business, and try to build a presence and make money…

And you are worried about what people are thinking about whether you are growing. They are watching with interest and you've been telling everyone how amazing your business is going to be…so what if it doesn't succeed—and are they just all assuming that it's gonna fail?

How am I going here? Are you feeling any of these feels?

Now I want you to think about how you are reacting to stuff when you are feeling like that. Bad things that happen become the most awful thing that could happen, sending you to despair and worry and panic that you will never succeed in business and maybe you just aren't cut out for this gig.  

And when that happens is usually when we are trawling around the interwebs hunting for ways to make it "work". The magic silver bullet that you know for sure you are missing.

What Woo Can Really Do For You

Tell me, what comes to mind when you hear the word "Manifestation" or "Energy Alignment" or "Meditation and hypnosis"?  

Are you being honest here? I mean how big was the eye roll you just threw me?  

Yep. I think mine was bigger.  

I thought that manifestation was a crazy idea. Making something out of nothing, wishing things into existence. Leaving everything up to the "universe" to define your success.  

I mean. Seriously???

But here's the thing, making something out of nothing…doesn't that sound like what we do all the time? Your business, for example, at some point in time, that came from an idea, a puff of inspiration that seeded a thought, yearning and desire, and through action, you conceived your baby business into reality.

Also, I knew that if I was going to be truly valuable to my clients, I had to research all different ways to look at growth and confidence and mindset and so I dived in. And what I found was truly fascinating.  

My guide to woo for the practical woman might have some surprises for you!  

The Money Mindset

One of the most incredible takeaways for me was that one of the major parts of manifestation particularly as it relates to creating money (or increasing revenue for you) is dealing with your money mindset.  

Money mindset is all the beliefs, limiting and otherwise, that you hold about money. The things that you have learned about it right back to your childhood.

"Money doesn't grow on trees"

"Good things only come to those who wait"

"Money comes with hard work"

"Only the hard-working succeed"  

"We can't afford to have holidays and nice things"

"You can't have all the nice things AND prepare for the future"

All of this shapes what we expect in our lives right now. If you believe that money only comes with hard work…how is that going to influence how you show up in your business? You are gonna work HARD, aren't you!?  

No matter that you might be doing things the hard way, OR that you aren't thinking smart about your business model and leveraging your time with your services and products in a way that helps you make more money faster…

Your limiting beliefs will literally stop you from even seeing some of the opportunities that you could be taking on…AND they keep you busy, usually with the unimportant stuff.  

So you gotta deal with your money mindset If you want to grow, and frankly if you want to succeed (something we take seriously in my signature course Conflicted to Confident - and that was BEFORE I realised how pivotal it is to this woo woo concept business).  

The Concept of Energy

The next part of manifestation that I want to talk about is the concept of energy—and this one can be all out woo if you really get into it, but let's keep it practical today, hmm?

Essentially, the universal laws that govern manifestation state that everything is made of energy. Therefore, money is also just energy. And if we change our energy vibrations then we will attract to us more money because like attracts like (the law of attraction, which is the most talked about law in manifestation, but there are actually lots of them that play together).  

Thing is? I'm a scientist. Little known fact, my undergrad was in biomedical sciences with plenty of physics, organic and practical chemistry, biological sciences, biochem—the works was thrown in there. And one thing that I know to be true based on scientific fact is that everything is actually just energy. Cause everything is made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms which are a combination of energetic charges.  


Hmm… And how often have we learned about how what we put out into the world is what we get back? Treat others how you want to be treated. Give back so that you are balancing the flow of goodwill.  

And I got to thinking…how are those lessons different to the foundation that the law of attraction is built on?

Cause we are all trying to deliver value to attract our ideal clients  

And be the best version of ourselves because what we put out into the world is what comes back to us.  

And treat others how we want to be treated.  

But also - there is a reason that I talk about what kind of CEO you need to show up as to create the business that you are dreaming about. Because when you figure out who she is and start showing up as her now…you start behaving how she behaves. Making decisions like she does. Choosing the messaging and projects that she would choose. And THAT is what brings you that business faster.  

Setting Your Goal Intentions

One of the foundations of all that woo is about setting your goal intentions, stepping into the version of yourself that already has that outcome; and then completely let go of the outcome. It's full of paradoxes! It can get kind of confusing.  

But we've talked about setting goals that are linked to what you really want - starting with your ideal life and working back to what your business needs to deliver…and we've talked a fair bit about not attaching yourself to your results too—don't let what happens define you. It's just a result and a bunch of learning.  

You either get the result that you wanted or the lesson that you needed.  

Nothing happens without you setting a goal for it.  

And let me ask you this: When you decide that something is going to happen in your life—I mean, for sure, come hell or high water, over your dead body, will it not happen kind of commitment—did the thing happen?  

Of course, it did! You willed it into happening through determined action, focussed intent and sometimes sheer bloody-mindedness.  

How is that different?  

Set a goal, create an absolute belief that it is going to happen somehow. And then take intentional actions to move towards it.  

There was a really key word there: "somehow".

One of the most important parts is to not get too fixated on HOW you are going to make the thing happen. Sometimes we need to stay open so that we notice the opportunities that we never could have imagined coming up. Things like new relationships, collaboration partners, maybe even a part-time role that gives you some financial relief while you nurture your baby to where it needs to go.  

Trust Yourself

The opportunities for HOW your dream comes to life are endless and nearly NEVER exactly how you envisage them at the start when you set your goal.  

This is where trusting your instincts and trusting in the outcome and your ability to get you there is super important. You already know what you need to know (well, the really important stuff anyhow) to get you there. And you have a gut feel for where you need help and guidance.  

It's the fear of the unknown, of failure, of not getting that life that you are dreaming so hard about that clouds your judgment. And half the time it is causing you to say no to things that in your heart of hearts you know is right for you but it is a scary investment or you don't know for sure that you can do it.  

You have to embrace the unknown to bring success in.  

And try really hard not to freak out in the middle of it so that you don't sabotage the success that is headed your way.  

Now, let's be really clear here. I have hardly even scratched the surface of the world of woo that is out there and I'm not suggesting that you go out and be a crystal toting, sage burning, mantra speaking woo aficionado.  

BUT I'm suggesting that you just open yourself up a little and think a bit harder about those beliefs that you hold onto so hard. Because shifting them is what opens up new space for amazingness in your life and in your business.  

Most importantly, learning how to be happy in the life that you have right now while working towards the one that you want. That means letting go of some things, sometimes making some tough choices and absolutely owning up to the role that you are playing in keeping yourself stuck.  

If you want to be able to make sure that all of the work that you are doing on yourself is rooted deeply in having the right strategies in place for your business to truly succeed … profitably… then I invite you to join me for my latest masterclass: “How to up-level your business: Your 5-step plan to grow while finding a happier, confident, stress-free you.”

I'm a firm believer in only making the mistakes that are going to propel me forward, not just repeating the mistakes that others have already made - I'd much rather learn from them and get there faster!  

Nicole Tewierik