How to overcome resistance when it's you getting in your way!
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Resistance. We are so good at helping others with "well-meaning advice" about what they 'should' do to overcome that challenge that they are facing, or watching from a lovely safe distance while people dither around just not doing the THING that they need to do to move forward. But the reality is that it is something that affects all of us - every time we try to do something new, or a task that is something that always generates a big result, or which actually moves us forward towards a goal or even your dream life! 

So what do you do when it is your own resistance that is holding you back? It shows up in many different ways in your business.


Do any of these things ring true for you?

  • procrastination - putting off something that is important in favour of urgent or irrelevant things

  • self doubt - perhaps this shows up as doubt of your skills, experience, or ability to create value for your clients

  • endless consumption of other people's content and courses to 'learn new skills' that you 'need' to progress

  • fear of doing a particular thing that you need to do to achieve your goals

  • daydreaming and spending excessive time mapping your dream or vision

  • getting stuck doing your non-creative work - you know, the unimportant admin that gets in the way!

  • or maybe its indecision - struggling to make a decision that you know is going to move you forward.

So what is resistance really? Your brain is hardwired to protect you, and that includes naturally resisting change that moves you towards something that is different to what you have now. Usually it is something that matters, whether it be forming new habits in health and wellness goals, working on a new project, changing the direction of your business to gain greater results - your brain will follow a deeply ingrained path to move you away from perceived discomfort. It takes deliberate and determined focus and action to shift your thinking to a space of action and resiliency.

For me recently, it has been showing up in my marketing efforts. I have had huge resistance to getting more visible online in my business. It will bring greater validation to my brand for potential clients, it will bring me into contact with my future clients, it will get my name out there, and it will absolutely drive future growth. Is it uncomfortable? Yup. Am I procrastinating, feeling doubt, getting overwhelmed with all the things, avoiding diving into the creative work that will move it forward? Yup.

So I am tackling it head on to get things moving and I wanted to share my top tips with you. Remember resistance usually shows up when there is something great coming your way, when you are working on positive change in your life and your business, getting on top of a challenge that you have been facing or out from under a negative situation.

Some simple strategies for overcoming resistance:

1. Recognise that it is there - what does the resistance look like for you? Do you know what it feels like when it is resistance getting in your way? It's important to be able to recognise when you are struggling with it so that you can put things in place to get past it. For me it is usually procrastinating doing something that is going to put me out there, or something that I know is going to produce a result, avoiding doing a 'thing' that I find boring or that drains my energy, or planning too many things and letting some of the important things fall too far down that priority list for the day.

2. Figure out why it is there - do you know why you are avoiding the 'thing'? What are the results that you are expecting to achieve and what change will that bring for you? What will you have to do differently or what expectations will you have created? Are you feeling fear? Of getting it done, of the results it might bring, of success? Fear is not always rational and it is natural to fear the unknown - especially when you are hard-wired to resist discomfort! Perhaps you are you just avoiding something that drains you of energy, explore that a little, are you worried about what people will think? Why are you worried about that? Does it really matter? It is important to do some reflection into what is holding you back so that you can take action in the most effective way. I find that journalling my reflections is helpful. Talking through with my coach is also a great way to get to the bottom of what is really bothering me.

3. What is your action - this isn't always about "feeling the fear and doing it anyway". Sometimes you need to listen to what is stopping you, maybe it's not the right timing, maybe you are not feeling that the thing is in line with how you want to show up in your business - so make sure you listen to what is going on. Sometimes for me its about spending some time re-energising me. I'm an introvert so while I have no problem putting myself out there, it takes a lot of energy...if I'm trying to do that when I'm completely depleted then I'm not going to add value anyway. And sometimes you do just need to find a way to rip the bandaid off and get the thing done but think outside the box. Do you need to bring a business bestie in to help you get over the line, do it together or have a mini-challenge, maybe even with your clients - be what and who you need to be for yourself too. 

I hope that you find some inspiration here to help you overcome your resistance. If you would like to talk more about what is holding you back please book a free planning call with me. I'd love to talk through with you what you are trying to achieve and how you can get there.

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