How to Future-Proof Your Business from the Online Business Bubble

Has anyone caught on to the slight hysteria that is bubbling up lately about how the online business model isn't sustainable? That it is going to burst? That those people with a business online won't be able to make money anymore?

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Today we are talking about some pretty straightforward things that you can be doing to future proof your online service business from the inevitable changes that will hit the online world.

There is no doubt that thousands of people have found success in the online business world. Perhaps you have too.

And lord knows it can be tough sometimes. The highs are super high, and the lows are deep trenches. Perhaps you are even starting to fret about the talk that online business isn’t sustainable or that there will be some kind of correction that will change how your business operates...or worse still, put you out of business.

How do you ensure that your business is sustainable?

How can you future proof your business?

Well, one thing is for sure, and that is that in business, change is 100% inevitable. We are in one of the most exciting times to be to do online business. There is innovation, growth and opportunity absolutely everywhere!

However, as technology keeps on evolving, we need to move from the traditional way of doing business to more transformational methods to curb the risks.

Things are going to keep on changing, just look at how Facebook has transformed from a mere platform to connect with friends to one of the most sophisticated data analytics platforms around, one that can grow your business or organisation more effectively than any other platform around today. But even FaceBook has seen ground-shifting changes in regulations and how they can do business in the last twelve months.

Being adaptable and flexible to follow the shifts is one of the most important things that you can do. Adopting different techniques as you go along is important, and so is continuing to be genuine about how you do your business, you will continue to create a following that is loyal to you.

Actually, that is what I want to talk to you about today. Because the size of your following and the number of likes or follows that you get on social medial have NOTHING to do with your business success.

It is about being strategic, focused and smart in how you push your business to grow and that will help you will have a sustainable future.

I go into more detail in the show - you can check that out on the video just above.

But here are five things that you must focus on to create a sustainable future for your online business:

1. Connection

Businesses that are sustainably successful are those that have a connection or a sense of community. This is the connection amongst your business, your purpose, your why and your tribe. If you stay true to who you are, what is driving your, what is your passion, what is the outcome or transformation you want to make for your clients, you will be leading a successful business.

2. Niche

This is finding your tribe. You need to be able to speak directly to people whom you want to serve, those who are excited to hear from you, and when you give guidance or advice, it resonates with them. It is important to have a niche. If you try to speak to everybody, you speak to nobody. The more niched you can be, the more successful you are going to be in your business.

Also, remember that things don’t happen overnight. Your journey is unique to you. So don’t get discouraged if the so-called success stories of other famous entrepreneurs don’t happen to you. It can, but it may take longer.

Niching down is key. Be specific. You’ll be more successful.

3. Authentic Message

This is about you being you. Be specific and focused on the message you want to deliver. People today are smart enough to know when you don’t know what you’re talking about or when you’re not being authentic.

Find your marketing superpower. What it is that you are amazing at? How do you best connect with people? Is it through video, audio, or written word? Leverage it.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is another essential element to make your business sustainable. Being really open to seeing when an opportunity is coming by in life and business is important.

Having a plan is critical because you need to know where you’re going, what you want to achieve in the next six months, in a year, and so on. However, be ready to make changes as things around you shift.

You will be able to recognise the right next step based on what people are looking for, what your clients are saying, or if there’s a more urgent need for a product or service that you can offer.

Have a plan in place, but be prepared to go with the flow and flexible enough to take advantage of the opportunity around you.

5. Focus then diversify

Focus on core product or service, do it right, perfect it and leverage from there with your marketing activities. Focus on the first four points discussed above—finding your tribe, niching down, delivering an authentic message, and recognising opportunities.

Serve your clients with excellence, and deliver your product to the best of your ability to create transformation for them, because excellence breeds reputation and word of mouth. So it increases your conversions per lead and value per customer. It also breeds loyalty and trust.

So, how can you continue to grow your business with confidence?

When you create a true connection with your ideal client, delight them with your services, and help them create genuine transformation in their lives that solves their core problem, well, growth is inevitable.

You can level up from there, but the with products and services that move your ideal client further, solving the next problems that they face - and they are all still in line with your niche. Attracting repeat customers and increasing the value of each lifetime customer to your business is one of the most effective ways to future proof your business.

If this is still leaving you feeling a little unsure, I completely get it!

In fact, when I first started Nic T Coaching I had all the overwhelm feels! And for sure I was worried that I was too late to the party on this whole “online business thing”. But what I have realised over the last couple of years is that this “online business thing” is simply one of the many different types of business models that you can implement in your business.

When you have a solid business concept and plan, and you know who you are speaking to (your ideal client) and what they want (their core problem) and how to help them with it (your solution) then you have your own business foundation that is not dependent on the stability of the online business world.

I know first hand how confusing it can be to work that out and how many mistakes you can make along the way - I’m pretty sure I’ve made them all! In fact I want so much for you to be able to avoid them that I created my latest masterclass - “How to Create a Profitable Business (with crazy confidence, even if you’re a complete newbie) so that you can start getting all the RIGHT pieces in place to build your business faster….and without the mistakes that leave you vulnerable.

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Love, there’s no need to panic about the “online business bubble”. As long as you stay true to your business’ purpose and the value you want to create, you remain authentic with the message you deliver, and you are flexible to try new things when an opportunity arises, then you will be able to create a sustainable online business.

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