Once upon a webinar...how one listener 10X her results in one session

One thing I know for a fact is that the entrepreneur gig is hard - but so worth it when you start to achieve the results that you have been looking for.

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I’ve talked about finding your marketing super power before (check out that episode here if you haven’t seen it yet!) - it’s about finding the core thing that you LOVE doing, that feels so incredibly natural and right for you. AND that you can use to connect with and CONVERT your clients.

Find your Super Power and put it into action, there will be absolutely no stopping you and your business. The best bit is that you are going to be having an absolute blast doing it!

That is what this week’s feature member from the Mums in Business Tribe, Anna Black, did.

Anna was really curious about the webinar concept and started following a few thought leaders. She tested the waters a bit and found out that she was good at running them and had a heap of fun doing it.

And now Anna has been smashing her results in her business and 10X her typical monthly result from ONE webinar. She is also an incredibly down to earth and wonderful mum who just wants to make a genuine difference for her clients.

Have you ever wondered about webinars and making them work for your business?

Check out the interview to see how Anna does it.

Anna Black is the founder and CEO of Strategic Career Planning. She helps busy professionals who are looking for their next career move or change working out the right next step for them. 

Connect with Anna at https://www.strategiccc.com.au/ or on LinkedIn!





I loved talking to Anna about the things that have been amazing for her business:

  1. Have a goal that inspires you to go the extra mile

  2. When you are growing your list, find ways to leverage other people’s lists

  3. Stick with one social platform where you know that your ideal client is hanging out and consistently

  4. Find your marketing super power and focus on it - practice makes perfect!

  5. Know your ideal client and the problem that you are solving for them - when your product or service is positioned to directly solve their problem it becomes a no brainer

  6. Add value to your followers - spend the time to build the know, like and trust factor so that their purchasing decisions become easy

  7. Believe in yourself and what is truly possible in your business!

If you are looking for inspiration on where to focus next, I have put together a roadmap to help busy entrepreneurs focus on the things that matter in building a strong and thriving business. My Thriving Business Roadmap helps you to grow a business that you love, I think it is so important that we are connected with our business, especially as mums in business. These are all the things that I have learnt and applied in my business to get it to where it is today.