Who Does Your Business Need You To Be?

Have you considered, that by showing up as a successful ceo in your business today, your can fast track your results for tomorrow? it’s counterintuitive, but the secret to growing your business to hit those big numbers you are aiming for is to start acting like the person who aready owns that business. read on to find out how…


Now, you have probably heard someone say online, "If you want your dream business, then you need to show up as the CEO that your dream business needs."

Ummm… What?

On your good days, this probably sends you into a frenzy of overwhelm and self-recriminations.  

On your bad days? I'm guessing it makes you want to throw the computer out the window.  

Love, I know that you are determined to grow your biz.

That you are committed… that you probably feel like you have tried all the things…

When I was getting Nic T coaching off the ground, I was completely unsure about what to do next and like a deer in the headlights at the prospect of just how much there was to learn.  

It can be daunting as you need to be everywhere. It is challenging to figure out how to be what your business needs NOW, much less being what your FUTURE business needs.

Let's talk about what it feels like to be in FLOW.

Can you think of a time where things felt EFFORTLESS in your business?

Maybe, it's when you are working with your favourite client, or creating a new product, or you love writing and when you hit your stride writing your blog…

Got one? Great.  

Now, think about how that feels…  

When you know you have it covered, it boosts your confidence and gives you inspiration on what to do next. The whole thing does not feel like hard work at all, right?

You want to be feeling like that the majority of your time running your business.

Except for when we are stretching outside our comfort zone… that can be a bit shakey.

But you know what? When you are really starting to get things humming in your business, even doing the uncomfortable stuff starts to feel great!

OK - I hear you, you might be thinking I sound a bit crazy there… ;)

So, why is it so hard to be like that all the time.

What does it mean to "be who your business needs you to be”?

Most excellent questions, my friend.

For a start, there are a very few people who are 100% confident in themselves, their skills, their experience, heck, even their dreams. We doubt our own dreams!

So that means that we are way outside our comfort zone when we decide to start our own businesses.  

Throw into the mix the fact that as mums, we are also dealing with ALL the mum guilt and expectations that we and everyone else puts on us.

And it's a pretty challenging time when we are learning so much constantly.  

Plus, your supersized dreams start out creating more pressure for you until you start to get comfortable with having big dreams.  

Most of us are struggling to just show up every day… much less do it confidently.  

And it comes down to belief too.

How hard are you believing in what is possible? In your dreams coming true? In achieving your goals for your business this year… for this month?  

So to start to show up as who your business needs you to be, you first need to figure out who that person is.  

Let's play with a little visualisation here. Close your eyes and think about the following:

  • What does your dream business look like?  

  • How are you serving?  

  • Who are you serving?  

  • How much money are you making?  

  • Where are you working?

  • How much are you working?

  • How do your clients find you?


THIS IS THE CLINCHER HERE… What do you feel like when you visualise that incredible future business?

As the CEO, running the company, how does it feel? What do you feel every single day?  

In order to figure out who your business needs you to be, you need to know how it feels to be running your dream business. Those feelings are what you can learn how to create in you right now.  

Our feelings are an indicator of our state of mind. Of how our energy is flowing, of the things that we are attracting into our world.  

Ever noticed how you decide that you are having a bad day and so you feel crappy and then everything that happens to you after that is crappy?

The hard truth is that you CHOSE for that experience on that day.

I'm not saying that bad things don't happen. Of course, they do! But we decide how we react, how we feel and then how we choose to let that set of emotions keep impacting us.  

When you figure out how you want to be feeling as the CEO of your successful business, and then work hard to create those feelings, you MUST make different decisions, different choices, all day every day to do that.  

You are activating the law of attraction, inviting that ideal future in, following the plan that is laid out for you, and best of all, CHOOSING to make it real.

Which means that you are choosing to do the things that need to be done to get you there. You are following the opportunities and possibilities when they are presented to you.

And you are just trusting and believing in yourself and your business that it will BE that successful business you so desire.  

All sound a bit woo woo to you?  

I get that.  

What about this—

If you don't choose to show up as a confident CEO now, how in saint's name do you expect people to take you seriously?  

If you don't believe in yourself and the value that you have to offer, why would a potential client believe in you?

It is swings and round-abouts, my friend, and YOU are in the driver’s seat.  

THIS is how you show up as the person that your successful business needs you to be.  

Now, if this struck a bit of a cord with you, and you are feeling like an A-HA moment is tickling the outsides of your mental gymnastics, then I'd love to invite you to book a Biz Growth Breakthrough session with me.

In 45 minutes, we will nail down the three-step strategy that you need to implement to create the breakthrough you are looking for in your business this year.

See, when I work with my clients, and when I was building and growing my own business (which is, let's face it, every single day!), the thing that we spend the MOST time on is this.

And I've been getting so many questions (usually with a "yeah but" in front of them) about how you can actually make that dream business real.  

Gorgeous woman, I am beyond grateful that you joined me today, and I hope that you have taken away a nugget of thought-provoking goodness. I will see you next week!

Lalaine Montecarlo