Find out how being a Mum in Business is a MASSIVE competitive advantage

Mums in Biz Show - Episode 9

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It is so confusing trying to get your business moving today because there are so many people out there telling you “exactly what you need to do” to create a business that will (supposedly) blow you away with the results that you get.

Yeah - a bunch of it feels like a load of BS to me too.

But what I think is really important is figuring out how to be authentically you in how you move forward. There are some simple, logical things that you need to get right to succeed in your business...but what makes the difference for how you find your breakthrough point in biz is figuring out how to follow those steps while still being you.

So I’ve created The Thriving Business Roadmap with you in mind. The Mum in business who is looking for guidance on how to grow your business and remain truly connected to your values. For the woman who wants to know what she needs to focus on and master to make results come quickly.

Grab your copy here and get started on your success journey.

Do you think about the fact that you are a mum as a competitive advantage or is it something that is holding you back?

I find so often that as mums we give our power away! We are fierce protectors and providers for our families and we created life for goodness sake! Yet we allow ourselves to believe that we are less than…

I'm here saying stop it right now my friend! And in this blog, I'm sharing you why you are actually the BEST person to slay your business and make an impact that really matters. Check out the training here and I KNOW that you are gonna start nodding along… below is what you can expect to hear more about:

Why are you the best person with the most opportunity in today's business world?

  • Mums are unstoppable when they really decide to get something done - organising a tribe of children, a partner and all of the extras in our lives puts a five-star general to shame.

  • Depth - there is a realisation and an awakening that occurs when you have a child about priorities, what is important and what you are REALLY prepared to do when the chips are down

  • Mums don't play around the edges…most of the time. We know how to dive right into the middle of the messy stuff to find a way out of a situation.

  • Trust, and authenticity come naturally…because we don't have time or patience for the BS anymore

  • You want to make a difference, and anything that takes you away from your kids needs to be worth doing.

  • The only thing that we let get in our way is ourselves….so once we figure out a way around that then there really are no limits to what we can achieve.

  • You actually do have control of your choices and your destiny…

Practice putting you, your needs and your priorities first…let's talk about all those things you do…I know that we are constantly juggling between ALL the nappy changing, constant challenge of finding food that they will eat, playing, housework, business admin, business marketing, serving clients, planning next steps...and that is BEFORE you throw in all the things we seem to commit ourselves to outside of #mumlife and #bizlife.

How on earth are you supposed to grow your business without subscribing to the slippery slope of mum guilt?

The fog of #allthethings…

I know that you know exactly what I’m talking about. And I’m willing to bet that you just can’t see HOW you can cut even a couple of things out of your schedule. I know that because that is exactly how I felt. Until I worked out a way to jolt my tired and overwhelmed brain out of it so that I could start prioritising and saying no without feeling like I needed to explain myself.

I’ve pulled the process that I used to learn how to do this into an easy to follow checklist that you can grab at the link below so that you can start to find your way out of the mist too…

So there you have it, why I believe that we have the most unique unfair advantage out there! It is so easy to exploit this too so that we are actually delivering a far superior service to our clients. Because we are real, honest, values-driven and heart-centred. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money through helping people and making an impact for their lives, no matter how you do that.

- Nic

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