Why Setting Your Intention for the Year Is Important

Hi there, ladies! We’re almost finished with the financial year, but this episode on setting intentions for the year is going to be super helpful for you as you move into FY2020! It’s truly never too late to refocus your attention, so let’s talk about why it is important and how it will help you finally hit your goals!


How do you go about setting goals? There are lots of different ways: BHAG, SMART, Dreams, 90-day goals, 30-day goals, the short-term planner…

In fact, there is a whole industry around goal setting. 

You can definitely achieve things with these goal-setting methods. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to market them. And each one will tell you that the others aren't as good…

But they won't all work for you…and maybe none of them will work for you! Because one of the most important parts of setting goals is being sure that you are setting the right ones and that they are in alignment with where you want to go. 

Love, I know that you are probably in a place where you are feeling a bit weary.  

You realise that it is time to set goals again.  

You drum up energy and enthusiasm to get into it.  

You dig out your dreams, dust off the discontent and disillusionment because this time it's going to be more successful.

Isn't it?

Oops! No, push that little voice of doubt down, no place for self-doubt in goal setting!

And you start goal setting…arbitrarily picking the goals that you think you need to achieve.

Then you moderate them down or up depending on your energy levels and personality type…

Then (again, depending on your personality type) you either turn them into detailed plans for implementation, or you pin them up on your board and keep doing what you were doing before.  

Until it's time to check in on how you are going—which might be an anxiety-ridden process full of more self-doubt or an uplifting experience.

Any of this sounds familiar?  

You start each goal-setting period with great intentions—you WANT to be able to set the right goals and to achieve them.  

Of course, you do! We are in this business bag to create results that are going to allow us more freedom, whether that is from financial stress, to create more space to have a bigger impact, to be able to decide more about how we spend our time

You want to set your goals with the confidence that you are working towards the right things, and that you will achieve them every single time.

I want you to think back to a time that you achieved your goals. Perhaps it was in your corporate role… you had absolute clarity on what you needed to achieve (because there was a job description). You set goals that hit those objectives and then some because you want to stretch yourself, maybe work towards that promotion or bonus or a new role that you are working towards.  

Are you imagining and remembering with me here?  

So you have absolute clarity on exactly what you need to do to get to the next step that you are working towards…you know exactly what you need to focus on to get those things done and you just move forward taking action.  

Then at the end of the performance period (which means you also know exactly what the non-negotiable deadlines are for these goals), you recap with your leader where you are at, what has gone well and what needs improvement and where you are going to focus for the next performance period.  

Am I close to the mark with this example? It was definitely how I rolled with my career goals.  

And you WANT it to be like that in your business.  

WHY can't you just set a goal and go and achieve it like before?  

WHY is it a doubt-ridden experience?  

WHY are you constantly fighting your self-talk to move forward?

WHY does it feel so HARD all the time when before you just got in and achieved it?  

They are all great questions.  

So let's talk about WHY it feels like that in your business.  

I'm going to start with assurance that this is all actually a good thing!  


Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but if you weren't invested, if you didn't actually care, then you wouldn't be experiencing all that mental goodness around your goals setting and achieving.  

So take heart, my friend.  

1. You struggle to set and achieve goals effortlessly in your business BECAUSE you are so invested in the outcome.  

2. You feel all the doubt and self-flagellation and the sensation of wading through glue BECAUSE your business is about you. Your career (ironically perhaps) has nothing to do with you. It is all about someone else. And while you are working towards something, there are no dire consequences if you don't get there. How many times have you missed a goal in your career and been able to easily explain it away without losing one iota of sleep over it?  

When you are in business for yourself, it becomes ALL about you. There is no one else to 'blame' (which is not the right response to achievement by the way) when things don't go according to plan.  

And we tie ourselves up in knots over this.  

3. You need your goals to be tied to MORE than just a numerical result. They need to be more than just the thing you are pretty sure you need to master next. They need to really matter. Be a driving force to achieving your dreams and your ideal life.  

How the heck can you get ahead of all of this goal setting uncertainty then?  

With clear intentions.  

The #1 thing that is getting in your way and holding you back in any part of your business is belief. Or more accurately, the lack of self-belief.  

So when I say "clear intentions," I'm not talking about just having a word or phrase for the year or setting a vague direction that you want to head in this year.  

I'm talking about KNOWING in your core exactly what this year is going to be about for you and for your business. In detail.  

It this year about growth?  

What kind of growth?  

What are the numbers you want to hit?  

Why do you want to hit THOSE numbers?  

How do they ultimately move you towards your dreams?  

How are they aligned with the purpose and impact of your business?  

Notice that none of those questions is about HOW you are going to achieve the intention. The how will come, that is where your goal setting comes in, and how you go about getting things done…and a little about the magic of staying open to being guided, and allowing opportunity in.

The important thing to know when you are setting an intention for your year is that you are 100% committed to it. That means that this is non-negotiable.

Now, I know you know what I mean intellectually when I say non-negotiable, but do you know what it feels like in your gut?  

Think about a situation with your kiddos where you were categorical that something was going to happen for them. It could be big or small, but at the end of the day, there was absolutely no way that the thing wasn't going to happen…come hell or the wrath of a protective mama.

Got one in mind?  

Good. THAT is how I want you to feel about your intentions.  

It's not easy to nail down this kind of commitment—or to stay the course of ALL the mindset work it will take to get you there—but then, none of the truly worthy things in life are easy now are they?  

When you are ready to work out what you need to do to achieve that intention, then you need to make sure that you have your Thriving Business Roadmap by your side. These six steps are the things you need to have in place to establish and grow your business and YOUR next step is in there. Grab your copy here 👇👇

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Nicole Tewierik