How to use the Thriving Business Roadmap to create your first (or your next!) $1K

Wouldn't it be great if the path to making money in your business was clearer?

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I bet you’ve downloaded a hundred different freebies and read about 10% of them. Most don’t even get past the email that is sitting in your email inbox. And of the ones you read - how many do you actually take action from?

Yep. I hear you.

I’m going to let you in on a secret...I LOVE freebies, and online courses. So it is super easy for me to get myself incredibly distracted with all the shiny goodness out there! So lately I’ve been really deliberate about what I subscribe to. Only things that are going to help me progress in an area that I am specifically focussed on right now...and I try to download and look at them straight away and DELETE and unsubscribe if I’m not interested.

So why on earth would I start a blog like that?

Well - because I’m so excited to have released my brand new freebie “the Thriving Business Roadmap”. And OF COURSE I think it’s wonderful, I created it! But I know that what makes something truly valuable is being able to implement it straight away and get results. Which is what this blog is all about.

How to use the Thriving Business Roadmap to create your first (or your next) $1K month.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy of the Thriving Business Roadmap yet - click the button to get your copy. It is the roadmap that I use to run and grow my business and is six easily followed steps that will help you create a profitable business that you love.


It’s important to note that this process is scalable, whether you want to make $1K or $10K, you just need to work out your activities and offerings accordingly. So let’s dive in to the steps to follow.

1. Connect with your motivation for earning the dosh:

Have you ever set out to make a sum of money and just not been able to do the things you know you need to do to make it happen? One way to deal with this is to make sure that you name the purpose for the money that you want to earn, that means know how you are going to spend each profit dollar that you make. This step is really important for mindset and motivation!

The second thing here is to ensure that you are clear on is who are you going to sell to. You want to make sure that you know who your ideal client is, and what the core problem is that you are solving for them through your product or service. How are you going to meet their needs?

2. Balance how much time you realistically have to sell (and deliver!!)

There are two things that you need to plan for - how much time do you have to market and sell your offering, and how much time do you actually have to deliver it. This is going to inform what you put together. For example, if you are really time poor, and you come up with an offering that will take a heap of time to either prepare or deliver, then you are not going to be very excited about selling it and this will probably hurt your results.

So be really honest with yourself on exactly what time you have available both for your marketing campaign and delivering your offering. It doesn’t stop you from being able to hit the goal but it does help you plan for something that you can actually get done.

Think about what you are going to sell. I want you to focus on only one product for your $1K month. If you are scaling this to a bigger number you might add a second product but you want to be able to generate the bulk of your sales from the smallest number of products possible. Focus is definitely where it is at!

With a rough idea of how much you want to sell this offering for, think about how many you need to sell to hit your target.


3. Define what success looks like (hint - it is definitely about more than just the money!)

Often when we set a big goal, we focus only on the financial outcome. But you might be underestimating all of the other things that you achieve through the promotion that you are doing.

Consider: How many people do you want to (or need to) connect with? What good habits are you developing around visibility for your business and your brand? Did you increase your following? What have you been able to test? What results did you actually get and was that in improvement?

Keeping focus and repeating this discipline will help you get to those goal months with greater regularity, especially when you are taking what worked and increasing it over and over!

This is about your clients’ success too.

Get really specific about the benefits that they will get through working with you and what messages you need to be using (hint - it is all about the benefits!) in your marketing. Where are your most powerful platforms to market where you will be able to reach your ideal client with your message?


4. Believe in what is really possible for you!

Did you know that 80% of the time we sabotage our own ability to achieve things just because we don’t really believe it is possible? If you aren’t excited about what you are selling, (including what you need to do to deliver it!), then this is going to come across to your audience when you are talking about it.

So how can you work on belief? For a start, you need to make sure that you are pricing it right. Are you excited about the pricing? Do you feel that you are being paid enough for what you are delivering? Have you accounted for ALL of your time in what it will take to sell and deliver it?

Check back on the numbers that you did in the last step? Do they stack up? How many of your offering do you need to sell to hit your goal? Numbers are power! Be deliberate and specific.

5. Own it and set your goals about what you are going to do to get your offer out there.

What is the content that you need to prepare to deliver during your campaign time? Make sure that all of your marketing material is benefits based, and that you have a plan for how to deliver it. Remember that you have some time limits and set in place a plan that fits with what you have time to do.

You want to focus on building your know, like and trust factor through the marketing materials and content that you delivery. Show your ideal client that you understand them and their problem. Show them that you know how to help them get the benefits that they desire through your offering.

Incorporate ways to compel your ideal client to buy during your sales timeframe. Perhaps there a limit to how much you are selling, perhaps you have a special offer or a bonus offer that is time limited. Perhaps your cart is only open for a short time. Whatever it is, I recommend having something that creates a reason for your ideal client to buy now.

6. Watch your numbers, track your results - and adjust as you go!

It is super important to make little adjustments as you are working through your marketing campaign. The balance (this is the art part!) is between showing up consistently and for long enough for something to have a chance to work and making a shift in how you are messaging if you aren’t getting traction.

Personal connection is critical to those conversions, especially in the early stages of your business. So make sure you are connecting directly with the people who engage with your content.

If you are present on multiple platforms, direct traffic back to your primary platform so that you get a critical mass of followers somewhere. For example, if you have Instagram and Pinterest accounts, but FaceBook is your main platform (especially if you have a group!) then you want the traffic from Instagram and Pinterest to end up back at your group so that you can build excitement there.

Finally, it is something to have fun with! If you are stressed out and worried about hitting that goal then love, it ain’t gonna happen. Let the little wins along the way pump you up - each and every one of them is a learning opportunity. My motto is, if you aren’t having fun then what is the point???

Are you part of the Tribe yet?

If you aren’t then jump in there and join us now! The final piece of this puzzle is don’t try to do it alone. My business coach and my community of amazingly like-minded women and mama’s are what have kept me afloat when it’s been tough. Encouragement, words of wisdom, commiseration - love, and sometimes a friendly boot in the tail - from someone who gets where you are is invaluable.