How To Trust Your Instincts On Your Biz Growth Journey

Today, I'm using the "j" word—journey. It is such an overused word! I'm probably super sensitive to it because I've spent over a decade consulting, and we are freaking experts at using fancy words that don't really mean anything.

BUT, business IS a journey. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth. Any journey started without the end in mind becomes a meandering wander. So today, I'm talking about:

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How we can stop sabotaging our confidence by using the end goal to our advantage along the way.

Hands up if you are an expert at the meandering business wander?

I'm willing to bet that you have heard a heap about "dreaming big," "having a dream," "knowing your why" and all the rest of the goodness that we entrepreneurs love to serve up—but do you really buy into why (and what) it’s important?

When you really have a clear vision of what the end point is, what the target is of any activity, then you are able to more clearly picture it.

When you get specific, then your mind is able to get used to what it would feel like to be in that place. There’s actually science behind all of these and it’s not as woo woo as it sounds.

Stop for a second and think about why knowing what that endpoint is, in great clarity, is important to your business journey.

Using visualization and thinking about how you will feel when you have achieved that goal makes it real.

It starts to remove the subconscious beliefs that we can't achieve the goal, that we don't deserve it, and other beliefs that get in our way. Those beliefs that are chipping away the impact that you can have from your own perspective. If you believe that something is possible, truly believe it, then you don’t doubt yourself. You do what needs to be done, you don’t procrastinate.

When you can see, think, feel, smell and truly own the end point—the dream, the place that you are going to—then you start to fully commit to it.

Your brain is smart. YOU are a smart woman.

You already know the answers of how to achieve the things that you need to achieve (and the ones that you don't) along the way. But we don't tap into that power for some reason.

We learn how to trust our intuition as mums, and we know that’s an incredibly powerful thing. Think about it. How many times have you trusted your intuition with your child? How many times you did not trust your intuition but you wished you had?

I know I have. And I know that when I trust my intuition with my children, 99% of the time I’m right. Because I’m tapping into that something bigger than me and my thoughts and insecurities.

When I went back to my hospital room after giving birth to my oldest girl, I remember falling asleep and a while later, I was jolted awake because she started to grizzle in her sleep. She was starting to get hungry….

What stunned me though was the visceral reaction that I felt physically in my body when she squeaked.

I was not expecting to be so fundamentally changed immediately after having a baby. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Now it wasn’t perfect for sure (anyone who‘s heard my story knows that!) But I put a lot of effort into learning how to trust my instincts - to learn how to come from that deeper place of connection that we all develop when we have kids.

You have that about yourself and your business and dreams as well.

Start with the end in mind - but don’t think that you need to start AT the end...

So, how many of you have started your business journey exactly where you need to be to get that end goal done? I'm willing to bet that NO ONE has started where they need to be.

Cause if you had, you would already have it done!

So, why on earth do we beat ourselves up because we expect to be there already when we have only just started? Why can't we enjoy the process and the learning along the way?

When you focus on what you don't already have, you reinforce the feeling that you are never going to get there.

When you spend so much time thinking about the goal and why you’re not there yet, why you’re not there now, it makes you feel frustrated. That’s self-sabotaging. It robs us of the ability to enjoy the journey, the process, and learnings along the way.

This is an important thing to start to get your head around. Business is a journey. There is a whole evolution of ourselves that we go through when we’re growing our businesses. We grow with it.

Embrace that fact that business is a journey. If you start with the end in mind, if you learn how to sit in that place and that vision, if you have a strong sense of where you want to go and why you want to get there, your brain starts to believe that it’s possible.

Learn to trust yourself, even when you don’t know how to get there yet.

Resentment and frustration are not somewhere to live when you are trying to grow, develop and learn. It eats your confidence and makes you think you can’t get there. It forces us to chase the silver bullet of process or tactic in our business instead of focusing on what we really need to do—grow personally.

When you allow yourself to sit with the vision of where you want to get to, you start to understand the type of person that you are showing up as in that place. What the successful CEO looks like—the version of you (which already exists deep down inside by the way) that your business is begging you to show up as right now so that you can get to the place that you want to be.

What got you here, the actions, mindset, and beliefs—even if they’re amazing—WILL NOT get you to where you want to go. Because there’s a whole bunch of learning and growing that you have to go.

We have to start to show up as the successful businesswoman that we really can be now.

That’s why business is a journey. You begin with the end in mind. You believe that the end is possible.

You trust in yourself that you’ve got the answers. And you look inside yourself to understand that kind of person that your business needs you to be to get to where you want to go.

Then, if you work as part of a community (which I am super passionate about), it brings out the best in you. It helps you to step up, and even when you can’t, you get the support from your community, from your tribe.

You can be unstoppable.

Strengthen your mindset strengthened and consciously think and readjust your thoughts. Apply an experimentation mindset to a proven system in your business. Because you have released the outcome and you are learning to trust in yourself and your intuition.

When you do this in an environment of community and mentorship, constantly working on your confidence and your mindset—and trusting in your ability to create transformation for your clients—you can create massive results. And when you resist attaching meaning to the outcome, the massive results might look different to what you thought they would.

You deserve to have the support that you need. You deserve to create that amazing success that you are striving for. The success that you see other women achieving. It’s not as far away from you as you think.


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