Stop Relying On “Hard Work” For Your Success...And What To Do Instead.

Well, hey there! Are you ready to flip what you think you “should” be doing on it’s head? Cause in this week’s blog I’m sharing how you can stop hustling and working hard to get to where you want to go… let’s get into it!


Today, we are talking about a topic close to my heart — what you need to “stop doing” to succeed!

My view is actually pretty different to what nearly everyone else is saying. There’s a lot of noise in the online world, and you will notice that it is full of advice on what you “should” be doing.

And that’s a pretty deep rabbit hole to go down.

But because we don’t trust ourselves, because we don’t really believe in what’s possible, and because we don’t have the confidence to show up as ourselves as our unique expertise, we may find ourselves chasing out all the bright, shiny objects.

There is a finite number of ways to market your products and services, and if you really go into the details of all the mechanisms that people are selling to you online, you will notice that.

Now, I’m absolutely not saying that they don’t work—you need to use them, but you need to use the right ones for you. And that’s what we’re talking about today.

Going against the grain really is important in more ways than you think there is because it is actually more about authenticity.

The ‘work hard’ approach

What most people think, is that if they just work hard enough, things will change.

If I just keep going. If I just sacrifice this one thing…

And we think that if we just show up more, if we’re just more convincing, if we’re just adding more free value, then people will want to work with us and buy our products.

We think that if we just work harder, longer, and take more clients, then we will reach a tipping point.

The thing is, you will see growth, but it is nothing like what you are really capable of achieving. And even worse, you can’t sustain it and you definitely can’t scale it.

As mums in business who are still in the corporate world, you want to create a business that will survive without you in it every single day (heck, don’t we all want that???). You want a business that will scale and give you the security you need so that you can leave your corporate role and be able to choose how you spend your time. You want to be able to spend more time with your family while making an impact on other people’s lives by doing the thing that you are passionate about.

Let me ask you this. If you are honest with yourself, are you hustling really hard? Are you subscribing to the mindset that if you just keep working harder, doing more, being in more social media platform, your business will grow? Is that you?

So, is the resentment starting to show?

That’s what’s going to happen with this ‘work hard’ method. You start to resent doing the things you have to do to get results. That’s why this approach isn’t sustainable.

The shift that you need to make right now to completely change where you are at in 12 months’ time

When you stop trying to do everything, when you stop to be everywhere, and when you show up how you want to show up instead of how you think other people want you to show up, the relief will be immediate.

I was absolutely astounded at how quickly the release came for me when I started to show up just as me and not how I thought other people wanted me to show up. When it wasn’t natural, it just created more added pressure.

Your instincts are already telling you how to show up in your business. You just need to start tuning in to listen to them.

When you became a mum, people told you to trust your instincts. And that’s really powerful advice in your business too love.

It comes from trusting yourself. From not caring much about what other people are thinking.

Learn to trust yourself, stop doing all the things at once, and allow yourself some space so you will see the path forward for creating the results and the business that you want. You will also learn to listen to your ideal client more.

Slow down enough so that you can listen and learn and figure out the right way to go forward before you accelerate. Then you will accelerate in the right way because you are accelerating on the path that you are meant to be taking.

And because you are delivering what your ideal client wants (as well as what they need!), you start doing things naturally that create massive transformations for them, that’s when you start to show up as the version of yourself that your business needs you to be.

With air to breathe, you can be innovative and unleash your expertise and creativity.

If you continue just working hard, your growth can’t be sustainable. But if you slow down and align your strategy, your growth will be exponential.

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Lalaine Montecarlo