How to turn the HARD slog into hard RESULTS

How you can get the focus that you need to only do what matters

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Mums in Biz Show - Episode 3

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Hands up if you have had days where keeping your business moving is as thankless and frustrating as trying to corale a toddler??? If you are anything like me then that is going to be a “heck yeah!”. Because love them though we do, toddlers are hard work some days! Demanding, needing lots of time and care, and not giving back a heck of a lot of love.

Till they do...and your business is just the same. If you continue to invest your time and energy into raising it, one day it will start to give back to you. How badly do you want to feel that euphoric breakthrough moment where you begin to meet your income goals? You, know the ones that you strive for but never seem to be able to reach…

In the Raising your business Masterclass I am going to show you how to implement five simple steps in your business so that you can reach that point of euphoric breakthrough sooner and get control of how much you are making in your business.  

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Alrighty! Let’s dive into this week’s topic!


Do you ever feel like your business is just plain hard work? I know I do!! ….

We've all been in the position where the business of being in business just feels like a heck of a lot of hard work and you start to wonder whether you are ever going to see results from it.

Last week we talked about getting some systems in place to help your business flow more easily - ways to take the complex out of what you are doing and just do what is really necessary - if you missed it you can watch the episode on my website at {insert link for E2 blog post}

This week it is all about focus. Because when you know what to focus on and how to create that focus, you start only working on the 5% of activities that will actually move you forward, rather than the 95% which keep you stuck.

So what does that even mean?

I can hear you on earth can I keep my business moving and growing if I’m only doing 5% of the stuff? Well my friend it is all about focussing on the RIGHT things and removing the distraction of the bright shiny “new” marketing gimmicks and approaches...or the procrastination of admin which keeps you from growing.


The right things gotta trust me here. So this is how you can get this focus right.

1. Know what your 5% activities are

I like to think about things in ‘chunks’. It helps me keep things organised in my mind so that there is order to the chaos (please tell me everyone has chaos in their head?!?!?) … so anywho, in my biz, that means thinking about things in terms of projects. There are two types of projects that I organise things into:

  • Projects that are ongoing - like the Mums in Biz Show or my FaceBook group - these are my long-term “tortoise” marketing strategies that build my tribe and add value to the people that are in it

  • Projects that are about growth - like a 5 Day challenge or the {insert link} Raising your Business Masterclass where you are teaching on something specific and actively attracting new people to the tribe

So, a 5% activity is a project that is either about increasing your visibility (online, for list growth, or in face to face networking); or about directly growing your business (again, growing your email list or contact list; or revenue and sales growth)


2. Plan your 5% around the goals that you have set for your business, and balance the time/effort you have available across both short and long term activities.

Do you have time bound and financially measurable goals for your business?? If you don’t you need to stop reading this right now and go and set yourself a goal! {click here to read about how to set impactful goals}.

Once you have a goal, then you can sit down and start figuring out what projects you need in place to be focussing your efforts towards hitting your goals. Consider the following:

  • What are you doing to improve your profile, where do you need to have a profile? How do your ideal clients know how to find you and what you stand for?

  • Have you got a plan around how you can increase your message - whether that is blogging/guest posting; going live/doing webinars, attending networking events/doing guest presenting or training - choose one or two that you are going to do regularly and create that as a project…this is your long term 5% project

  • Have a plan around how you are going to hit your revenue goals - which products you are going to sell on a month by month basis and how you are going to sell them. Promotions, lead generation and follow-up, those are your short term 5% projects.


3. Focus on the important stuff

It is so easy to let the busy-ness of life crowd out the things that are really important to you. When was the last time that you sat down and thought about what your real priorities were...the things that are your loves, your values, core to what makes you feel whole and fulfilled? And are those where all of your choices start from? Because they could be...imagine what that would feel like!

Think about this in relation to your business. Do you get distracted by all the noise? Does admin and social media steal your time and focus?

In today's society, we are constantly plagued by demands on our attention - multi-tasking, splitting your time six ways, giving your kids enough attention, keeping in contact on six different social platforms, being on top of your wellness, delivering at your job - is it any wonder that we have the shortest attention spans in the history of human-kind!

By taking out the noise in life, you can start to practice the art of focus once again - just simplifying your business isn't enough anymore, especially as busy mums in business, you need to simplify your whole life (and the lives of your family) to be able to make things work.

Here are some tips for how to simplify your life and start focussing on the important stuff again:

  • Look at all of the roles that you are filling, the expectations that you are placing on yourself and take out 3-5 of them. Just stop doing them. It's kind of like removing your arm from a bucket of water…the gap is quickly filled by other people.

  • Look at the "stuff" you have going on in your business…what can you take out/streamline or delegate?

  • Now - what time have you reclaimed or are you repurposing that you can use to focus on two 5% projects?


So there you have it, the things that I recommend you look at to refocus and start turning the hard slog in your business into hard results.


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See you next week - on Episode Four we are talking about Confidence and faking it till you make - is that really and thing? See you then!