What If The Way You Treat Your Business Is Stopping Your Growth?

Welcome back! Today, we’re talking about whether the way you are treating your business is stopping you from growing!

I want to kick off by asking you a crazy question. Are you ready?  


When was the last time you talked to your business?  

Heh-heh-heh. I can see you rolling your eyes at me, you know!  

Seriously, though, I've noticed that when we are getting started in our businesses—or maybe if you are not seeing the growth that you want to—we start to step back from it.

It's like the business is either a hobby that you can pick up and put down…or that it is a friend that has betrayed you.

Think about it.

Have you ever felt like this? Be super honest with me now… because you probably don't even realize you are doing it.

It's like we have a slightly passive-aggressive relationship with our business, and when it doesn't do right by us… well, we respond in kind.

Let's explore a bit.

You have an idea for a product/service or maybe a promotion. You are super excited about it and you jump in boots and all and start posting everywhere.

You get some engagement and some interest. People talk back a little—you maybe even book some calls or get a few sales!

Are you following along with me?  

How are you feeling now?  

Starting to squirm a little?  

How is the fear factor?  

The sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because "this" has to "work"?

You close the cart, stop the promotion and you didn't hit the goal. How are you feeling now?

You most likely attach meaning to your results, which more often than not could plunge you into depression, feeling demoralised, and a whole host of other negative emotions!

So what happens when you feel like that?

Where is your commitment to the business?

How do you show up the next day?

The next week?  

Let's explore another scenario…

You have been hustling away in your business for a while now, maybe months, maybe years… and you are getting a trickle of results through.

But you aren't really profitable. And you aren't growing. And you aren't making the money that you feel like you "should" be making.

Now…how are you feeling?

Starting to wonder whether your business is going to work? Slightly panicky?

Flipping from strategy and bright, shiny training to training?

Completely inconsistent because you are trying to cover all the things in the hope that one of them will work?

One of those annoying "post everywhere" people in FB? (Total disclosure: I was TOTALLY one of those when I was getting started! I too followed the bright shiny strategies that don't work…)  

 Yep…maybe you are seeing a theme here now.  

Because when you are feeling like this about your business, you are coming from a place of fear and a place of lack.

A place of lack means that you are coming from constantly feeling like you don't have enough, aren't getting enough, maybe even aren't good enough… it's a slippery slope.

That also means that every decision you make is in response to these feelings.  

So, when we start to get into the detail of what this means, there are some pretty serious implications for your business.

When you are feeling like this, what sort of decisions are you making?

Are you investing wisely or are you spending haphazardly?  

What about your finances? Do you know what's going on?

Do you treat them with respect or are you avoiding everything (the bank balance, the overdue invoices, the customer receipts…everything!)  

Are you diligent with the time that you spend? Do you stick to your routines? Are you realistic about what you are able to commit to?

Do you post regularly? Do you start on all the platforms and then do nothing because it is overwhelming?

Do you create to-do lists and plans and goals and then never finish implementing them?

Be honest now… what is this really saying about how you are showing up?

If your business was a friend, then how would they be feeling about how you are treating them?

I hope that by now you are starting to see what I'm trying to say.  

If your business was a friend, how WOULD you be treating it?  

Would you do what you say you are going to do?  

Would you be a bit more consistent?  

Would you respect it by paying attention to important things like birthdays and milestones? (Think accounts, bills, keeping up your website, etc.)

Would you talk to them regularly (this is a friend you actually like!)?

So why do you ignore your business—or not treat it with the respect that you would afford a friend? Frankly, sometimes not even an acquaintance!

So, what can you change to start to see something different happening?  

First, let me say that this is making a change on two levels—you are looking at both the amount of deliberate attention that you are showing your business, AND you are starting to think more about how you are showing up as a CEO.

See, empowered CEOs show up for their businesses. They take them seriously and know how they are actually doing. That means knowing their numbers and listening to the things that they are trying to tell them.

They are consistent, and in order to achieve that consistency, they are focused and selective in what they commit to…and then they follow through on that commitment.  

Let me ask you a question.  

What would it do to you if you mastered just ONE platform to post on?  

Would you have time to get your message right? Would you have genuine engagement on that platform? Would you be able to be consistent and really commit to it…consistently?

Making choices is what an empowered CEO does.  

Focus is how they grow, because they know which parts of their businesses are important right now and they don't get distracted.  

What YOU can do to start being this person is start thinking about your business as your friend.

A friend that needs your consistency and your focus and your dedication.

A friend who needs you to take them seriously and do what you say you are going to do.


Now, if this struck a bit of a cord with you, and you are feeling like an A-HA moment is tickling the outsides of your mental gymnastics, then I'd love to invite you to book a Biz Growth Breakthrough session with me.

In 30 minutes, we will nail down the three-step strategy that you need to implement to create the breakthrough you are looking for in your business this year.

See, when I work with my clients, and when I was building and growing my own business (which is, let's face it, every single day!), the thing that we spend the MOST time on is this.

And I've been getting so many questions (usually with a "yeah but" in front of them) about how you can actually make that dream business real.  

Gorgeous woman, I am beyond grateful that you joined me today, and I hope that you have taken away a nugget of thought-provoking goodness. I will see you next week!

Lalaine Montecarlo