Do you have goals that are propelling you forward?
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Mums in Biz Show - Episode 6 

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It is so confusing trying to get your business moving today because there are so many people out there telling you “exactly what you need to do” to create a business that will (supposedly) blow you away with the results that you get.

Yeah - a bunch of it feels like a load of BS to me too.

But what I think is really important is figuring out how to be authentically you in how you move forward. There are some simple, logical things that you need to get right to succeed in your business...but what makes the difference for how you find your breakthrough point in biz is figuring out how to follow those steps while still being you.

So I’ve created The Thriving Business Roadmap with you in mind. The Mum in business who is looking for guidance on how to grow your business and remain truly connected to your values. For the woman who wants to know what she needs to focus on and master to make results come quickly.

Grab your copy here and get started on your success journey.

With today's show I have done up a free worksheet to help you with your goal setting! You can grab it at the link below>>

So let’s dive into goals and what they can mean for how far you go. I have to say, it is a subject so incredibly close to my heart this week - so tell me, are you a goal setter???

I am willing to bet that you have had periods of hands-down dedication to nailing your goals and periods of lazy despondency where you can't bear to think of them…hands up if you can relate???

So in this week’s show, I'm sharing my insights about goal setting from my 20 years in biz…and you might just be surprised at how unproductive the wrong goals can be…

The big question is, how do you know if your goals are propelling you forward?

Let's start with some questions:

  • What thoughts and emotions come immediately to mind when you think about goals?

  • When was the last time that you hit a goal exactly as you planned?

  • How do you feel about whether you hit a goal or not?

  • How much thought do you put into your goal setting?

  • Why do you set out to achieve your goals?

  • Why do you even set goals?

See, what I've found working with my clients and coachees over the years is that goal setting actually becomes a limiting experience….

Think about that for a second…

Sometimes, the simple act of setting a goal creates an upper ceiling and an EXPECTATION about what it means when you don’t reach it. It seems amazing but most often, the way that we go about setting goals actually sets us up for expecting not to reach it before we even get started.

This is because we try to set goals that are “realistic” which means, what do we think we can achieve...and we adjust it down because we doubt whether we can hit it. And then what you do is you are creating a belief around what it means to hit the goal...and usually what it means to not hit it.

Do you know what is wrong with that?

Well - it means you’ve acknowledged that you might not hit it, and most of us then go about achieving the goal fighting some kind of fear of what will happen if we don’t hit it. Crazy huh? Now, I do it differently. And I really think that this can be a game changer to the headspace that you come from when you are pushing for new heights!

Setting Connected goals is a skill that every entrepreneur needs to learn

But for mums, it is super important that we learn how to tap into truly connected goals…why the heck would we take time away from all the other roles in our lives (like being mama to our precious kidlets) if we don't really believe in a goal?

Another way of thinking about it is if you don't know where you are going, how can you set a plan to get there?

You cannot fool your mind into thinking that you believe in yourself if it's not true…

So, here are my tips for setting really impactful goals:

When you start with what you really want…the rest just flows

This means your ideal life - your vision for where, how, who with and doing what you want to be doing in life. When you take the time to REALLY think about where you want to be, what you want life to be like, how you want to be working and what life looks like, you create an incredibly strong emotional connection to where you are going. It is an uplifting, and motivating place to be coming from.

What needs to happen to get you there? Sure this is partly financial, but what else needs to happen?

Consider, who do you need to be?

This is all about being the CEO and truest version of yourself, what do you need to shake off - what beliefs are holding you back? If you think about your business in that future life, what sort of CEO does it need running the show??

And...what things need to be in place to make that a reality?

There are many things that are not about the money that your biz is making but what about the other things that need to happen (do you move? Do you sell up, Do you have a garden, are you travelling, are you in a career, are you fulltime in your biz, are you part-time or hands off in your biz?

What mindset shifts do you need to make?

Do you have hang-ups? (hint: this is a trick do...). Think about who your business needs you to show up as. What are your little hacks to get your headspace back on track? 

Your ability to achieve your goals is actually completely linked to how strong your mindset, beliefs, and willingness to look for possibility and be open to opportunities. 

What does the yearly plan look like to make all this happen?

  1. What are the things you need to be doing independently to your biz?

  2. What does your biz need to deliver this year?

  3. What does it need to deliver in the next 90 days?

Remember to leave some space for the magic to happen

I don’t want to go all “woo-woo” on you but you just can’t plan for everything. I honestly think that a massive part of really reaching big goals is allowing some space for the “magic” to happen. That means that you are open, to opportunity, to possibility, to seeing different ways for things to happen. If you are so planned, and so rigid in how you are going to get to your goals, then sometimes you miss the very thing that is going to actually get you there. So don’t hold too tight.

What is really powerful about setting goals like this is that you have a tangible, emotional connection to hitting the target.

I mean, what would you do to make all of that happen?

What happens if you don't hit a goal is just as important as what happens when you do…remember that bit I said above? Probably THE most important thing that you could do is treat everything as a learning curve.

Because I guarantee you that you learnt something super significant that will change the way that you do things in future. The most important thing is that you take time to reflect on what you learnt.

So there you have it, my approach to setting goals that will propel you forward no matter what. I promise you that when you start taking this process seriously and making it your own, you will start to see a shift in how you move forward.

To help you I have created a free worksheet to walk you through my goal setting process. I want you to download it and start to use it so that you can find your goal setting habits - they look different for everyone!

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See you next week - on Episode Seven we have our second member showcase - Stefanie Gillis from Gutzy is going to share with us her wisdom on healthy habits - and it's not all about your health (although that is definitely enough reason to tune in and hear this gorgeous lady talk!)

When you know how to set great foundational habits - you can make absolutely ANYTHING happen in your life.