Is It How You Focus, Or What You Focus On That's Important?

Hi there! This time, we’re talking about which is important, how you focus or what you focus on?


Last time I asked you guys what your biggest challenge in business was, do you want to know what the most commonly used word was in the answers? FOCUS!

Some were wondering where to focus next to grow their businesses.  

Some of you were wondering how to get your focus on at all—you were feeling scattered and like you were being pulled in a hundred different directions.

Some wanted to know how to focus to get their ideal client's attention and some people didn't really know which ideal client they were focussing on!  

Are you starting to see a theme here?

What I'm hearing ALL the time from incredible women like you is that business is overwhelming.

Especially when you are juggling your job in corporate, your tiny kidlets, all the school and day care things, as well as trying to figure out how to grow your business.

What I know about mums like us is that we WORRY about what people think, about whether we are doing the right things by our kids, about whether we are maintaining the house, about whether we are keeping up at work, whether we are good enough at work, how we are going to fit in exercise …

Honestly, the list is endless! And what that does, all that worry, is it ends up being this constant stream of thoughts and comments that is undermining your innate confidence.  

Let me ask you this a different way, have you ever heard of affirmations?  

Of course, you have! Because you don't live under a rock. :D

Well, have a think about how they work. You design affirmation statements that empower you, lift you up, and change your limiting beliefs and subconscious thought patterns in a positive way.  

And they work!  

So, what do you think the result is going to be if you spend most of your time stuck in a round robin of negative thoughts and worry about whether you are enough, doing enough, being enough…well you get the idea.  

What's going to happen is that you are going to start believing those thoughts. You will start to trust the doubt. Your subconscious will start listening to what you are saying… and the next thing you know, you think you aren't a confident and capable woman.  

But the thing is, YOU ARE! 

We ALL are. We all have the ability to do amazing things. And you wouldn't be hanging around me and my message if you weren't driven to really make a difference. 

Why are you stuck?

So what on earth does all of that have to do with focus?

Well, I think that most of the spinning self-doubt is the reason that you get stuck in indecision.  

By the way, that is what not knowing where to focus is really. It is indecision. Being inundated with doubt and a lack of trust in your instincts means that instead of trying something and learning and adapting from there, you get stuck and aren't able to make a decision.  

Then we blame that on a lack of focus. Or on not knowing what to focus on.  

Does any of this resonate with you?

This means that when we are answering the question of “How do I focus,” it really is more of an internal question.

I'd love to give you a quick fix, but the truth is that starting to think about some of these things and challenging that inner voice of doubt and fear will help you with a lot more than just being able to focus!  

You want to be in a place where you not only know where to focus, you are able to be decisive, and you are able to take action and learn from your results so that you can take action again…and just keep experimenting and learning!

Let me tell you too that when you rebuild your confidence and really learn to challenge that inner doubt voice, you will also be able to take action WITHOUT attaching a meaning to the results. (This is a topic for another day because it is a huge one!)

But failure is not really a thing. It only exists in your mind and all of the most successful entrepreneurs succeed largely because they just don't believe in or concede to failure. It also only comes up when you let yourself add a whole heap of meaning to the results.

As my mentor says, you either get the result that you wanted or the lesson that you needed to learn.   

What you need to be focusing on?

The simplest answer to this question is…something!

For many people that I talk to, simply taking things off the plate and getting really specific about focussing on one thing (honestly, it could be ANYTHING) is a massive step in the right direction.  

It's not gonna build you that million-dollar business though.  

Let's get into a few ways to sort through all the things though.

First off, do you know which activities in your business are directly contributing to increasing your revenue?

Be really brutal here—posting on social media does NOT directly impact your revenue in 90% of situations.  

When you look at all the things that are making money for you? That means that when you do them, there can be a direct result of cash inflow to your business. That you are working on right now. What do you need to stop doing? What is going to make money for you?  

Honestly? For many of us, only 5% of the things that we do in our business are actually revenue-generating activities. The other 95% are things that could be delegated, outsourced or stopped altogether!  

You are probably thinking, “Nic, you are nuts, I NEED to do these things because they are important.”

But let me ask you this—do you think they are important because they actually contribute to adding value and making money? Or do you think they are important because somebody told you that they were?  


Yep, see it now?

Those actions you are taking because you feel like you have to. When in fact, your intuition is screaming at you because deep down, you know that it isn't something that is going to benefit you in the long run.  

Now, don't get me wrong. There are a LOT of "nice to haves" on that list, and there will be a time where you have the luxury to add those into the mix. And they are going to help you push your growth trajectory up—absolutely no doubt about it!  

But when you are getting started, when you are trying to level up to a new revenue level in your business, or a new way of working. Then being able to focus on the 5% revenue-generating activities rather than spreading yourself too thinly over too many things and then not growing them at all.  

Now, it looks different for everyone, and that depends on where you are at in your business.

So before we end, I’d like you think about where you are going to shift your focus in your business THIS week!

If you are feeling lost, we can talk about which areas you need to focus on your business. We will nail down a three-strategy plan that you can use to get to the next level of your business. Join me in half an hour Biz Growth Breakthrough session. Did I mention that it’s free? Well, I still have a few slots left next week, so register now below 👇👇

Nicole Tewierik