Is faking it till you make it really a thing?
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Mums in Biz Show - Episode 4

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Hands up if you have had days where keeping your business moving is as thankless and frustrating as trying to corale a toddler??? If you are anything like me then that is going to be a “heck yeah!”. Because love them though we do, toddlers are hard work some days! Demanding, needing lots of time and care, and not giving back a heck of a lot of love.

Till they do...and your business is just the same. If you continue to invest your time and energy into raising it, one day it will start to give back to you. How badly do you want to feel that euphoric breakthrough moment where you begin to meet your income goals? You, know the ones that you strive for but never seem to be able to reach…

In the Raising your business Masterclass I am going to show you how to implement five simple steps in your business so that you can reach that point of euphoric breakthrough sooner and get control of how much you are making in your business.  

Sign-up here to join us on August 9, 2018 at 8 pm!!  It is going to be a heap of fun and could be absolutely transformational for your business, if you let it.


Fake it till you make it…what does that really mean to you?

You probably think something along the lines of it is the only way to put yourself out there before you feel ready to. I's what everyone says isn't it? 

Let's explore a little what is implied by faking it till you make it…because I have a different opinion about it. See when you go with the fake it till you make it mentality, you are actually helping to embed the feeling into your psyche of being not enough, that you aren't there yet.

It's like we start out with the assumption that we don't have what it takes to succeed in business. Babe that is not where you want to be starting from when you are building your confidence in a new area!

I have a different place for you to start from.

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH - let me put this in different words:

  • You are already making it, and you are exactly where you need to be in your biz journey - because we all have a completely different journey to make and only you can do yours right.

  • When you think about faking it - you are giving your power away, when in actual fact, you don't need to fake it, you already know how to do this!

  • When you put pressure on yourself to fake it - you undermine your authentic message, because you can be both authentic, and faking it at the same time.

So how the heck can you find the confidence to put yourself out there when you are terrified????

Here are my top tips for finding your courage to put yourself out there WITHOUT faking it. 

1. Find a comfort zone and expand from there

If you start from something that you are comfortable with, a skill, a mindset, a way of being visible, a way of serving your clients and build from that place. Stretch yourself a little more each time you have a go!

2. Get a business buddy to work with you

Sometimes having someone you trust, admire or respect along for the ride can be all the safe space or confidence that you need!

3. Pretend that no one is watching

I used this one when I was first finding my feet in going live in my Facebook group. I would go live for a really short timeframe and just deliver my message without thinking about whether anyone would see it. You can do this also by doing your best to deliver to your standards and just pretend that no-one else is going to see it!

4. Tap into the motivation well you have - your why and vision if it is strong enough will help you do what it takes to get your business moving.

Don't underestimate how much more prepared you are to do the uncomfortable thing when you truly have your why mapped out clearly. Your motivation really can be unstoppable...

5. Find your SuperPower and exploit it

I talk a lot about your Super Power - there is something that you are incredibly talented at and when you find it, you need to figure out how to make the absolute most of it! You will find that you don't have to step outside of your comfort zone as much if you can do this. 

6. Set realistic goals and make them short term, often and building…

Sometimes you just need to set yourself a series of small, short term goals. It is amazing how quickly you can build your confidence by collecting lots of small wins and building on them each time!

7. Evolve with your confidence and skills

Finally, allow yourself to continue to grow, evolve and learn through each experience that you have. Your confidence and your skills will grow the more you practice and improve.

So there you have it, the things that I recommend you look at to step into your confidence more easily and why you don't have to feel the pressure of faking it until you make it…you are already making it, and exactly where you need to be in your biz journey. You've got this mama!


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