Why Face To Face Is Still So Important with Sophie Musumeci

I get it, the temptation to hide away behind your computer and tap out messages is strong! But today’s guest on the show is gonna give you some pretty compelling reasons why you need to make sure that face to face is a part of your strategy….for growing your business AND for keeping sane.

Why face to face is so important in business

Hello fabulous lady!

Today I’m bringing you a guest interview with the very inspirational Sophie Musumeci - Co-Founder and CEO of Real Entrepreneur Women. This is an organisation with a strong mission to make sure that all women in business have the network and support around them to enable them to succeed.

It’s so on point with what we believe here at Nic T Central - being an entrepreneur often means being on your own, doing and figuring out things on your own, especially when you’re just starting up.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to be isolated. Actually I am incredibly passionate about getting the message out there that you NEED your community around you to grow and succeed. Much like the adage that it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a community to grow your business. For mums in business, particularly, being part of a community is how we thrive, grow and succeed.

So in this episode of the Mums in Biz Show, Sophie shared how they came up with their model of a network-focused business helping mums change their business success through amazing community and self-development.

Sophie realised that many entrepreneur mums are in need of a support group that would help them in growing their business. They believe that it is not okay for mums to be isolated, alone with their laptops at midnight, trying to figure out what to do next with their business. With Real Entrepreneur Women, you are able to connect with other amazing women who have your back and who can provide you with opportunities without worrying about being in competition against each other.

Collaboration over competition is one of the core values of REW. And I have to say, I’m proudly a Community Leader for the Melbourne Central group of REW and it is this single core value that drew me to being involved with them.

In today’s age when everything can be done online or over the phone, anytime or anywhere, face to face interactions remain important. Actually they are more important than ever - the online businesses that succeed into the next few years are going to be the ones that have their face to face connections as an important part of their engagement strategy.

For entrepreneur mums, Sophie explained that face to face meetings help build genuine trust as you get to know more about each other. You also become more comfortable and can just be yourself, without the fear of getting judged, because you kind of experience the same things. And when there’s trust amongst you, it easier to give each other referrals or guidance to grow your business.

Another valuable lesson that Sophie imparted is how mums need to prioritize self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of yourself by eating healthy or by spending some time alone or by taking a break.

Being part of a community like REM connects you with like-minded individuals who can share valuable lessons that you can use in your mum life or business life.

REW has kept its vision over the years and focused on its purpose, really connecting with women and mums who want to grow their business and leave their corporate life. It is a successful example of the importance of connection, putting it at the heart of your how you market your business, which is critical in creating a sustainable business, not to mention, staying sane.

Want to learn more about Real Entrepreneur Women? Connect with Sophie Musumeci on FaceBook and check out her brand new free training here.

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