What Does "Change Your Mindset" Really Mean?

Up there with some of the most overused words - mindset!!! What the heck is it, what does it actually mean for your business, and where on earth do you start?

Nobody ever thinks that they need to work on their mindset - it’s like taking vitamins, we know they are important but who prioritizes them?? (no? Just me? Ok then…) I’m gonna help you understand what this “mindset” thing is all about today and why you should care.

Episode 17

What I have found both working on my own journey to what Nic T Coaching looks like today, and in working with my clients is that 90% of the things that we struggle with are about figuring out who we are...

...and trusting ourselves to show up as that person in our business.

Most women that I talk to, mums in business, even people that are growing their career, most of them are pretending to be someone else to get ahead.

Very few people are really showing up exactly as themselves with all their beliefs and imperfections on show—usually, we are trying to match up to what we think others want us to be.

That means you are probably not being authentic about yourself and genuine about your values and the message you want to get across.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to attract an ideal client but you’re showing up or pretending to be the person you think they want you to be, they are likely just not going to listen to you.

Learning how to really show up in an authentic, confident way is what I’m talking about today - and it’s gonna take changing your mindset my friend.

I want you to start considering:

  • How can I shift my behaviours today?

  • How can I deliberately step a little bit out of my comfort zone and do it repeatedly?

  • How can I train myself to think differently, trust in my ability, to believe in what is possible for me and my business?

How can I change the way that I’m showing up with authenticity?

If you are with someone you really trust—your best friend or your spouse, your family, someone whom you have no boundaries with, whom you are totally open with—how do you show up when you’re with that person?

I want you to think about that for a minute and sit and feel how you are, who you are when you’re in that comfortable place. Are you happy? Confident? Willing to ask challenging questions? Willing to call someone out when needed?

How is that version of you different to how you are showing up to your business today?

The more often you show up authentically as yourself and share your message, the more your thought habits start to change. Everything is habitual and our brain is hardwired to repeat thinking patterns. Your challenge is to shift those patterns!

When you start to behave in a different way—when you acknowledge how that makes you feel...

...acknowledge the situation that you were in and the response that you got from people

...and really pay attention to what you were thinking and how you could have acted/thought differently

...and then do it again and again and again, your brain starts to learn that that kind of self awareness is now normal for you.

But it takes time.

We have to shift our thought patterns, our mindset, to get different results.

The more you do that, the more you are going to see a shift in your headspace, a shift in your mindset. As you are creating that shift in how you are thinking, you are also taking actions for your business and making the decisions that will have you seeing results.

When people say “change your mindset,” it sounds simple, and truly it’s not complex!! But I know how hard it can be to constantly challenge your thinking.

Once you start to believe in what is possible for your business, that’s when it actually becomes possible. And that happens through deliberate action.

Can you dig deep and make that decision to take your business to the next level?

Or to start your business…all so that you can create that path to get you out of the feeling of being trapped.

To start to move towards the version of yourself that is running a successful 6 or maybe even 7 figure business?

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