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What Does "Change Your Mindset" Really Mean?

What I have found both working on my own journey to what Nic T Coaching looks like today, and in working with my clients is that 90% of the things that we struggle with are about figuring out who we are...

...and trusting ourselves to show up as that person in our business.

Most women that I talk to, mums in business, even people that are growing their career, most of them are pretending to be someone else to get ahead.

Very few people are really showing up exactly as themselves with all their beliefs and imperfections on show—usually, we are trying to match up to what we think others want us to be.

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The Possibilities Of Creating Stronger Connections

I would be on the phone to talk to people. And when people reach out to me, I was like a moth to a light.

Everyone needs a connection. Our newborn, our children, our partners. Even our friends and our families. It’s in our human nature.

We are ALWAYS seeking to connect with others in some way. It's absolutely no different in your business and yet we don't make that a priority.

Why do we shy away from connecting with our business tribe? Why don't we do what it takes to get in front of people and build strong connections?

Fear? Resistance? Procrastination? Lack of confidence?

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Releasing Expectations That We Place On Ourselves

We all create an expectation in almost everything that happens in our life. Whether it’s a conversation with someone or something that we want to try for the first time, we always have an expectation of what the outcome would be.

What we don’t often realize is that these expectations that we create are based on our experiences to date. How your life has gone up to this point shapes the expectations you put about your future.

Now, if you want a different outcome from what you have right now, what got you here won’t get you there. If you want your business to grow and create transformation for your clients and even your own life, then you need to change the way you think. You need to change your approach and open yourself up for new experiences and ways to achieve the outcomes that we want.

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How To Get Really Specific About Your Ideal Client

It is important to narrow down your ideal client—know who they are and what are the specific details about their problems. Let’s talk about why.

Knowing your ideal client is the second most important thing in your business (next to sorting out your head!). Your ideal client is that one person you are inspired to help and make an impact for. There is that one person who is the reason why your business exists.

As mums in business, one of the things you need to identify is the purpose of your business. Why does your business exist? And knowing who your ideal client is will help you get there.

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Why Face To Face Is Still So Important with Sophie Musumeci

Today I’m bringing you a guest interview with the very inspirational Sophie Musumeci - Co-Founder and CEO of Real Entrepreneur Women. This is an organisation with a strong mission to make sure that all women in business have the network and support around them to enable them to succeed.

It’s so on point with what we believe here at Nic T Central - being an entrepreneur often means being on your own, doing and figuring out things on your own, especially when you’re just starting up.

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It’s time to stop giving your happiness away - learn how to design it for now

I have discovered recently that finding your true happiness in your present is quite an art and skill to muster. And it is absolutely essential... I know that you have heard (and most-likely believe…) that money doesn't buy happiness. And that if we aren't happy now - we won't be happy in the future if we don't find what is holding us back…

BUT! How many of us actually work on that? AND - if you get super honest with the answer to this question…what is it telling you… "Are you happy? Really, truly happy?"

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Mum AdvantageNicole Tewierik
Find out how being a Mum in Business is a MASSIVE competitive advantage

I find so often that as mums we give our power away! We are fierce protectors and providers for our families and we created life for goodness sake! Yet we allow ourselves to believe that we are less than…I'm here saying stop it right now my friend! And in this blog, I'm sharing you why you are actually the BEST person to slay your business and make an impact that really matters.

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Mum AdvantageNicole Tewierik
Your most naked moments are your difference are mine...

Getting super honest with yourself and figuring out how to get out of your own way is one of the single most impactful things that you can do for you and your business. Sure, you can learn marketing strategies and have gun products ready to sell. But being able to next level and really achieve your goals? It’s all in your head hun. Here is my story and the things I’ve learned about mindset that have changed my business.

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