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What Does "Change Your Mindset" Really Mean?

What I have found both working on my own journey to what Nic T Coaching looks like today, and in working with my clients is that 90% of the things that we struggle with are about figuring out who we are...

...and trusting ourselves to show up as that person in our business.

Most women that I talk to, mums in business, even people that are growing their career, most of them are pretending to be someone else to get ahead.

Very few people are really showing up exactly as themselves with all their beliefs and imperfections on show—usually, we are trying to match up to what we think others want us to be.

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The Possibilities Of Creating Stronger Connections

I would be on the phone to talk to people. And when people reach out to me, I was like a moth to a light.

Everyone needs a connection. Our newborn, our children, our partners. Even our friends and our families. It’s in our human nature.

We are ALWAYS seeking to connect with others in some way. It's absolutely no different in your business and yet we don't make that a priority.

Why do we shy away from connecting with our business tribe? Why don't we do what it takes to get in front of people and build strong connections?

Fear? Resistance? Procrastination? Lack of confidence?

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How To Trust Your Instincts On Your Biz Growth Journey

Today, I'm using the "j" word—journey. It is such an overused word! I'm probably super sensitive to it because I've spent over a decade consulting, and we are freaking experts at using fancy words that don't really mean anything.

BUT, business IS a journey. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth. Any journey started without the end in mind becomes a meandering wander. So today, I'm talking about:

How we can stop sabotaging our confidence by using the end goal to our advantage along the way.

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How can taking a break from your business be the most important thing you do for your growth???

We are so focussed sometimes on what our businesses need to deliver so that we can hit that goal that we engineer how it is going to happen so incredibly tightly! But that means that there is no space left for the things that are meant to happen so that we CAN hit the goal...or get to that ideal life. This week I am exploring all the reasons why taking the occasional break is actually going to grow your biz in the long run.

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Do you have goals that are propelling you forward?

Do you have goals in your biz? Of course you do!! So let’s explore how that is really going for you…are you kicking butt? So often we set goals that are actually just setting us up for failure. I’m so passionate about helping mums like you find that truly connected place to set your goals from. To set goals that will push you forward in your biz, and the journey that you need to be on. Check out my approach for setting really impactful goals.

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How journaling can help you invite success in

In practice, journaling can be whatever you want it to be. But the reason that it can be so transformational is that it’s a gateway to understanding more about yourself… to recording your life, experiencing all manner of emotions and uncovering parts of yourself you never thought existed.

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CEONicole Tewierik
Is faking it till you make it really a thing?

It is so often quoted to “fake it till you make it” and it seems like a great way to step out and do something you don’t feel confident about…or does it? In this episode I’m exploring why fake it till you make it could be setting you back before you even start and how you can get yourself out there without it.

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What does it mean to be the CEO of your business?

Real growth only starts to happen when you lift your head up and let go of the busyness and the hustle. But it’s really hard to know what that means while you are trying to get there. So here are my top Three mindset hacks that you can implement now to become the CEO that your future business needs you to be.

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