2019, The Year Of The "Big Girl Panties" 

We’re in the middle of the year. How has your 2019 been so far?

2019 is the year of the "big girl panties" for me, and I’m gonna share with you why and why it should be for you too.


There’s still so much time before the year ends for you to change your course towards success!

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "pull up your big girl panties and get on with it". I consider it as a reminder to stop feeling sorry for myself and coming up with excuses and to just get on with whatever it is that I'm avoiding doing.  


Today, though, it's in the context of stepping up and taking your business seriously, which means doing the things that make you uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.



See, the online business world is changing.  

Consumers are more savvy and targeted with more marketing than ever before. They are more cynical and more likely to question your authenticity. Connection really is key, but that means more honest messaging and knowing your ideal client like you know your best friend. Or your mum. Or both.  


Success is about having smaller, more targeted offerings that are absolutely on point to solve the problem that your ideal client is having. AND knowing how to talk to her about it so that she understands…and that she will listen to you in the first place.  


Advertising is getting more expensive and growing a passive following more challenging.  

You need to be an expert in your field, and you need to have the confidence to own it and shout it from the rafters. Authentically.  

When you are creating your message, you can't just blindly copy what everyone else is doing, you need to have something different to say. You need to stand up and be counted for what you believe in, what you stand for … and what you aren't ok with anymore.  

 hat means that it takes courage and ootzpa to succeed in the online business world today.  


You need to have something different to offer and talk about, you need to be ahead of the curve—and you need to be working WAY smarter to be able to stay there.  


Now, to be clear, I also think that this is hands down THE most exciting time to be in business. People are craving more intimate working relationships—to know the people that they are working with, to trust them and feel special when they engage with them. They want to be working with an absolute expert who gives them more than they bargained for.  


But you can do that.  


YOU are an expert in your field.  


YOU have skills to share and YOU know how to help create the transformation that your client is craving…especially the one that she doesn't know that she needs yet. That is where the WOW factor sits.  


Sell them what they WANT and give them what they NEED.  


The woman who has all of that inside her? She is courageous…and willing to do the stuff that has her wanting to sit in the corner with her tail between her legs. I'm talking about visibility—having something to say and never backing down from it. Having complete integrity with herself, her message and her team.  


She is pulling up her big girl panties and making scary leaps of faith—making scary investments in herself and her business to ensure that she is growing and learning, and she is refusing to accept no as an answer.  


Actually, that successful businesswoman? She knows without a shadow of a doubt that she is going to succeed. No matter what. Come hell or high water.  


Do you remember what that feels like? To have that assurance about something that is going to happen no matter what? To have an unshakeable belief that success is going to happen.  


That is what 2019 means to me in Nic T Coaching.  


We are going bigger and better this year. More focussed, more determined, more specific about who our absolute ideal client is.  


I am absolutely convicted about the result that we are going to achieve this year. And at the same time completely unattached to whether we achieve them or not. Because we are doing all the things required to bring that next level of success. And trusting in the outcome—and by trusting in the outcome, I mean I will get results, and I will also get learnings that I can reapply into my business the next time I try something.  


My message this year is getting stronger, and more targeted, and much less apologetic. There are things that I've avoided saying, or have softened for fear of offending people and because I want to encourage and uplift and motivate my followers.  


That is still important to me. But know what else? I don't care what people think of me because I know that I'm in integrity with my beliefs and my values.




This year is about scary investment in my business.  


Like, really scary, working with experts in the fields where I need to learn. And investing without assurance of a return—other than knowing without a doubt that it is the right next step for the business.  


Putting my trust and faith in our team. Which has grown so much! And getting the support that we need to keep growing and putting the groundwork in.  


And finding the courage to create our new high ticket 1:1 program which we are putting out to market in the coming months.  


ALL of that has taken big girl panties, my friends. I assure you!  


And some days it sits better than others. But it's getting easier, funnily enough—my conviction grows stronger the more difficult decisions I make. Because I'm learning to trust my instincts more.  


Like my instincts tell me that it's the year to focus on PR and visibility with other people's audiences—sharing my message with them too, to add value, and to grow.  


So, what does all of this have to do with you and your business?  


Tell me, how uncomfortable have you felt sitting there and listening to this today?  


If you are anything like me, there are some things in there that have made you feel nervous as heck. And probably a decent dose of fear. Some people might even have felt like giving up because it's too hard and how are they ever going to succeed anyway.  


Actually, I know that's not you because you are still reading. Still listening, starting to think "yep, I know I could be doing some of those things"… The people who are going to give up have probably stopped reading because they know all the answers. 




Ooooh! That is another thing that you are doing this year which is taking your big girl panties. Being willing to be wrong. Hungry to learn and apply and constantly listening to people to glean something that you didn't know before or a new way of considering something that you already know. Or maybe have tried and didn't work.  


It takes courage to be wrong. And to keep trying at something that didn't work the first time.  


HUGE amounts of it!  


It's so much easier to throw stones at the people who tried to tell you about the technique, or tactic or strategy… than to admit that maybe you need to change the way you are operating.  




So that brings me to the final piece of the big girl panties puzzle for 2019. Responsibility.  


YOU are responsible for you. For every action, you take (or don't take) and you are responsible for the results. Because only you control your thoughts, your actions, your intentions (which are mostly irrelevant by the way) and your impact.  


The people who are succeeding in their businesses over the next five years are taking absolute responsibility for themselves and what they do. Taking themselves seriously.  


I found that I needed to stop making excuses for myself as to why something didn't get done. I had to stop thinking about how busy I was and instead take responsibility for my time and my choices. There are things (and people) who aren't getting much of my time because I'm prioritising how I spend my effort. And they are values-based decisions. And impact-based decisions.  


Only I can choose how I spend my time. And what I will and will not accept from the people around me. And from myself. And most importantly—I'm making conscious choices about what I won’t do.  


Sometimes, the things that I say no to are really, really fun things (or strategies in my biz) so it's not always easy. But also, if I decide not to work in the evening, then I make that a conscious choice too so that I don't sit there and feel guilty for not working—I actually enjoy the time with Geoff…


Responsibility, my friends.  


Big girl panties.  


So that is why I believe that 2019 is the year of the big girl panties. Successful women, business owners who really step up to CEO this year and do the challenging things and take a stand for what is ok by them are the ones who are pulling them up and getting on with it.  


I have an invitation for you—who is going to join me in the year of the big girl panties? Are you ready to smash your goals?  


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Take care my friend and I hope that today I have challenged you a little on how you are showing up for the rest of the year. My dream is that we all finish this year with amazing results in our businesses—I know that I will… and I hope you are right alongside me.  

Lalaine Montecarlo