How To Get Really Specific About Your Ideal Client

That feeling when you are wondering why the sales aren’t coming and why isn’t anybody connecting with the messages that you are putting out there? That is most likely because you haven’t niched down enough in identifying your core market and your ideal client.

It is important to narrow down your ideal client—know who they are and what are the specific details about their problems. Today we are gonna talk about why that is and what you can do to fix it in your biz.

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The Second Most Important Thing…

Knowing your ideal client is the second most important thing in your business (next to sorting out your head!). Your ideal client is that one person you are inspired to help and make an impact for. The one person who is the reason why your business exists.

As mums in business, I think that it makes a huge difference for us to be truly connected with our businesses. Why else would we do what we need to do to make it succeed? One of the best ways to do this is to identify the purpose of your business. This is what your business is for, why does your business exist, what it does and what impact it makes? And knowing who your ideal client is will help you get there.

Your ideal client is more than demographics. More than their age, location, gender, etc., you need to delve deeper and focus on getting deep in knowing who your ideal client is at their core identity.

There are so many reasons why you need to do this for your business, but one reason (and it’s a biggie!!) is that it is essential for your marketing results. This is because if you are not speaking to one person (ie writing as if you are speaking directly to your ideal client), then you’re probably trying to speak to everyone and this only really ever results in no-one listening at all!

So how are you going to get more focussed and more specific on your ideal client? Well I’ve got three steps for you to follow to make sure that you do it right!

1. What is their core problem?

What is the thing that you are solving for? This should be the problem that sits at the core of your ideal clients issues. The thing that is really causing the pain that they are feeling, that you are going to solve for.

Knowing the exact problem that you are solving for is really critical, and you need to consider it both on the surface level (the obvious pain points that they think are the thing they need help with - for example, the time poor mother who things that she needs time management tactics to fit everything in…)

...and the problem that is really at the center of everything (for example - the time poor mum ACTUALLY needs help with prioritisation and learning how to confidently say no). It is the key to great marketing: sell them what they want and give them what you know they REALLY need.

The real core problem is the stuff that lies beneath the SYMPTOMS of their problems.

In order to create full transformation for your ideal client and solve the surface problem, you need to also solve the underlying issues. If you’re successful in providing them solutions that worked, it builds your reputation much faster and leads to the holy grail of marketing - the word of mouth referral!

2. Who are they, where do they hang out and how do they talk?

Are you doing your market research? It’s so, so important to not just assume that you know the answers to all of your marketing questions. You need to hear them IN YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS’ WORDS.

Through your market research, you will delve deeper into what their core problems and pains really are and start to understand what that means to them. You will become familiar with the words that they use and learn how to talk to them by meeting them where they are at.

By asking the right questions, you will find out where they hang out online so that you can be visible in the places where they are. You’re going to know a little bit more about them, such as their interests, maybe some key personality traits and other characteristics beyond just the basic the demographics.

Being the “subject matter expert” of your business, you can explain your services or products articulately, but your ideal client may not be able to fully understand what you’re saying. It’s really important that you make your copy relatable and avoid jargon and fancy language if that’s not how they talk.

Instead, by being aware of the kinds of words that they use, the questions that they ask, and weaving that into your marketing message you can become instantly easier to build a connection with. This is what is at the core of building your “know, like and trust” factor with your audience.

It is powerful and can make a huge impact on how you generate results.

3. What are they interested in and how do you build your tribe?

Connection is an essential ingredient in attracting, and selling to your ideal client.

More than ever, you need to build the skill of drawing a group of your ideal clients together and creating some kind of community connection.

Sometimes we know the details of our ideal client, we know their core problem, we know where they are, how they like to talk etc etc…but we still don't seem to be able to get our connection and rapport to convert into paying clients….why is that?

This often comes down to your beliefs and confidence.

Sure - there will be things that you can improve about your offer, whether you have the benefits described in a compelling way - and that you are leading with them, the testimonials that you are using, your pricing structure…the value you add…

But… you might have all of these things perfect and STILL not be seeing the conversions that you would like to see.

THAT is because you don't really BELIEVE that you can have the kind of business that has that level of clientele. And you can't trick your mind into thinking otherwise…so sorting out where you are at in terms of mindset and your thoughts is the single most important thing that you can focus on to move your business forward.

When you have underlying beliefs about yourself, your business, your ability to create transformation or results for your clients, and don't address them, then your brain is hardwired to hold you back…pursuing something that you don't really believe is possible is futile and unsafe and the whole goal of your brain is to keep you safe and comfortable…alive…

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