How to grow your business confidently and start making money!

Do you ever just feel STUCK? 

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You are watching the success of women around you and it seems so effortless. They seem to be signing clients and growing their businesses without the heartache and struggle. They are so sure of themselves and putting out content that is inspiring and attracting lots of engagement. You are pretty sure that you could never achieve what they are achieving. 

Maybe you just aren't cut out for this online entrepreneur gig. 


When you are watching others and starting to feel intimidated by their "apparent" progress, it gets inside your head. You stop focussing on what you need to do next and start to try to copy what they are doing. The problem is, what comes next for them in their business might not be right for where you are at. 

Have you ever experienced that? When you stop doing what is next on the plan for you because you've seen someone else appear to get a lot of traction so you follow and try it their way. And then you get crickets...

When you don't have a plan, or you abandon your plan, not only are you not sticking with the carefully thought out steps that you need to follow to achieve the goals that are important to YOU. You are also confusing your followers. Because you are taking them down a path and they are coming to expect a certain message from you - you break your consistency and that is why you don't see the same results. 

I call it ‘comparisonitis’ and it definitely happened to me ALL THE TIME when I was getting started in my business. And the more I watched the successful entrepreneurs around me, the more insignificant I felt. The more I felt like a newbie intruder in this world of online business. 

I found myself procrastinating getting into building my social presence because I was scared of what people would think of me. I put off the things that I knew were important because I was scared that I wouldn’t be good enough. The worst thing is, that most of the time, not only did I not do the things I needed to be doing, I ended up too scared to try the new thing too! 

But you know what? 

I am good enough. YOU ARE good enough. WE are good enough. So I set about turning around those beliefs that I was carrying around with me. You know the ones…the little voice in the back of your mind questioning whether anyone is listening to you, why anyone would buy from you, whether you should even try because you’ll never be as good as…

These are the beliefs that are LIMITING your success. The more you let limiting beliefs swim around inside your head, the more they undermine your confidence and ultimately make your business journey MUCH HARDER than it needs to be. 

What is a limiting belief? It is something that you think or believe about yourself that puts a limit on what you think you can do or achieve. Or it is stopping you from getting started because you don't think that you can do it at all! It's something like "I am not good at writing". "I don't think anyone reads my posts". "I am not really experienced enough to help people with...". "I don't have enough time to grow my business". You know the ones I'm talking about - you have them too!

So let’s turn those beliefs around my friend because they are holding you back!!

Here are three steps to get you started:

📝 Write down all of the fears and beliefs that you are holding about what you can do, who you are, what experience you have, what is important to you…you might be surprised just what comes out for you!

🔍 Have a look through your list and really think about which ones are holding you back, you might be able to build your skills in a few areas, but most of the things you are believing as true are just not!

🎉 Turn them around! Rewrite those rubbish beliefs into a positive statement, what do you most want to believe about yourself in those areas? What results are you going to get? Write out affirmations and say them every morning before you get started. 

How does it feel when you say those affirmations? A bit weird, a little bit uncomfortable? If saying an affirmation feels completely comfortable then you haven't pushed it far enough. So test them out and tweak where you need to, to make sure that you are really addressing those limiting beliefs. 

I want you to really start to own your confidence and smash through the barriers in your way.

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