How to achieve mind-blowing results by owning your strengths
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There are three transformational shifts that you absolutely need to make this year to completely take charge of achieving your goals.

Embracing your own expertise and confidence is at the core of most established and successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Believing in yourself and your strengths, knowing when you need help, and having the certainty of your boundaries when making choices and informed decisions on the way forward.

When you don't have these things, you often feel overwhelmed, guilty and inadequate. Or maybe you spend your time comparing yourself with others and their results, second guessing your decisions and choices. Either way, I'm guessing that you are sick of it. Are you ready to move into your own zone of excellence? Ready to be sure of yourself...and your decisions?

Mindset is about your attitudes and beliefs about yourself and your abilities. Some 30 years ago, Carol Dweck and her colleagues became interested in the attitudes of their students in relation to failure. From their research came the notions of fixed and growth mindset, that is, the degree to which we hold fixed beliefs about what we can do compared to believing that we can constantly improve and that effort and learning makes us stronger. The good news? No matter where you are starting from, moving towards a growth based, strong mindset that seeks learning will change how you are achieving results.

In my work with my clients, I have noticed that there is a process they (we!) seem to consistently go through as they work on through finding their real confidence. They start super conflicted, feeling confused, overwhelmed, unsure, and as they start to move through, they find clarity - become connected with their why and purpose. From there, I find that people start to make different decisions about what they are taking on and they find capacity, both more time and more headspace, and with that comes the certainty and the courage to really step into their confidence. Click here to grab a free training video that walks you through how to step through this process!

So, to get started, here are my three tips on what to do to align your mindset and make real progress toward your goals:

✔️ Find clarity.

Do you really know what is driving you? What is the thing that will motivate you to keep going no matter what. Think about that ideal life that you are dreaming about and write down the feelings that you want to have when you are there. 

✔️ Create capacity.

Spend some time really reflecting on all the 'stuff' that you are cramming into your life. Write down the roles that you are doing (like, mum, wife, sister, business owner, netball coach, friend, volunteer, chess club organiser...) and think about which ones are really important for right now and which ones can go on the back-burner for a while. Click here to download a worksheet to help you with this!

✔️ Build courage.

It's time to ditch those things you are believing about yourself that just aren't true! Write down the negative thoughts that pop into your head all day long and turn them around. Prove those negative thoughts wrong, and take action that counters your worst fears about yourself. 

My suggestion: Take 15 minutes right now, and think about, journal, or talk about exactly what this means for your business. You are going to make massive waves this year.