Your dream won't get it done - what you need to create that success you are striving for
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Can you REALLY see that life that you are working so hard to achieve? We work so hard in this life that we have. In our lives, and in our own businesses - all to "get ahead", to "create a future", or to "avoid the rat race". 

But do those things really drive you to do what is most important? Do you find that you are holding back because you know deep down that it won't get you ahead, or because you are actually stuck doing things that aren't central to the life goals that you want to achieve? Let's take a moment to start being honest with ourselves, the gut-wrenching kind of honest. Because when you start to make decisions based on what you really want rather than what you think you 'should' be doing you are probably going to be surprised at what happens.

There are plenty of people out there talking about knowing what your why is and how that is going to be a game-changer for your business (or career if that is what you are focussed on right now). But it takes more than nailing down what is driving you. When I'm being brutally honest, I would probably say "so you know your 'why', so what?". Because it is when you link your driving force, to the dream life that you are striving to create, and then how you are going to get there through the things that you are working on (business, career etc) that you really start to move forward.

The difference maker for me was being honest with myself about what I truly wanted, and turning that dream life we had into something tangible. That meant breaking it down into the little details and figuring out the things that were the most important to us. I was really surprised too at the things that were most important to us. Like the fact that in that house that we are living in in that life, with enough yard space for vege gardens, fruit trees and chooks, I have to have a fireplace so that I can sit by it at night in the middle of winter and knit. :) it takes all types right? I also worked through the difference between what we were trying to achieve for our lives, vs. the purpose of my business and the impact that I wanted to create. They are different things!

Once I had goals that were results driven, and intrinsically linked to where I wanted to go, I had the recipe for success. Because I knew in practical, tangible detail what I had to be doing today to get where I wanted to go...and I had the motivation I needed to do the hard stuff to get there.

Here are my top tips for moving towards that 'dream' life of yours.

1. Describe your ideal day.

I know, I know! I thought this was super lame too! But really, when I sat down and made myself do this, I got into the tiny details that turned out to be really important. Like the fact that in that house that we are living in, with enough yard space for a vege patch, fruit trees and chooks, I have to have a fireplace so that I can sit by it at night in the middle of winter and knit. :) it takes all types right? So I challenge you to actually do it and tell me what you found!

2. Break down what it would take to be living like that now.

What are the little steps that you could be making right now to move towards that way of living? It can be little things, like a lifestyle change, or planting veges in pots. Or a big change, like selling up and moving interstate (which is what we did!!). But each thing that you do to start changing you from how things are now - towards how you'd like it to be will empower and motivate you to do the other stuff that needs to be done to get there. If you postpone all shifts towards how you want to be living, then it is too hard, because you have to achieve ALL the goals before you see any reward. By starting to reshape your life right now, you are not only happier, you have a taste for what it is going to be like...and you will work so much harder to get there. Incremental progress is key my friend!

3. Set goals that will shift you in the right direction.

Break up the really big goals into smaller chunks, these might be your annual goal for your business. And then break those into the progression of 90 day goals that you need to achieve to get you to each 'chunk'. Then you are working on the daily focus items to get you to that 90 day goal. You can break it down even more if you need to, some people work best with monthly and then weekly goals but get it to something that you can achieve and focus on without being overwhelmed. Personally, I find that 90 days is a period of time where you can make a significant progress and set a challenging but achievable goal, but still stay focussed because it is close enough. Don't set yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals. This is about LINKED goals that are going to get you somewhere.

Have you worked with a coach before? Working through things like this is what I do, and I'm good at it! I love working with my clients to bring their dreams to life and then set achievable and accountable plans to get them there. If you'd like to chat through what your dream/goal plan could look like for you please book a free call - I would love to talk to you!

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