It's not just what you know...

Who you work with matters too!

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Before I became a mum – I was the self-sufficient professional. Of course I worked with lots of people but I worked so hard to always be the one “on top of things” I was the person that people went to for help … and I loved it that way!!

Then baby #1 came along and I realised that you can send yourself around the bend and back again trying to parent like that! I have forgotten how many times I said (usually in bewilderment) “all the cliches are true”. And the one that stuck out to me the most was that it takes a community to raise a baby. I could not have gotten through without my mum, sisters-in-law and friends.

And becoming a mum changed me so much – ironically it made me more confident in my work, I’m still not sure why. I absolutely love being a mum and I realised that I also love what I do and that is important too. But the difference was how it changed the way that I worked – more collaborative, more about community, better results.

So, when I started my coaching biz, it makes sense that I started kicking goals when I found the right business coach and started getting the right community of supportive people around me. And I realised that that is what makes it work – having the right support and people who get you, who care, who will prop you up when you need it – and give you a kick and a friendly "get on with it" when you need that too!

That’s why when I work with my coaching clients I focus on two things initially - mastering your mindset, and figuring out where your community is. You just can't do this small business thing alone! It is your biz besties (and your coach) that are honest with you when you need it and we are the ones that recommend you to your next client too. 

So, two actions for you in today's post:

  1. Get on top of your mindset. This means spending some time reflecting, be honest with yourself about what the little 'self-talk' voices are saying to you. Write down the doubts, the fears and the sources of guilt. You need to acknowledge them to start to get in front of them. Fears don't go away, but you can learn ways of getting past them and staying in front. Your community will help you with this. Need a way to kick-start your mindset challenge? Download my Master your Mindset Checklist to get you started! 
  2. Find your business tribe. You might be in a couple of Facebook groups, maybe some networking groups, maybe your friends are in small business too. Find your tribe. Those women who get who you are and what you do - but they have to be the ones that you respect, will listen to, can learn from, and who will challenge you to be your best self. I started my Facebook group to be just that - a tribe of incredibly inspiring women and mums in biz who can kick goals together. Want to join us? Need to have a group to walk this journey with? 

Also look out for my group programs and workshops, I am designing the Unleash your potential group series as intensive sessions to work on your business (rather than getting stuck in it) and truly understanding what you going to achieve, with a targeted action plan to get you there. But what makes them so special is the community that you will be a part of – meeting other like-minded amazing mums who will help keep you honest and share the journey with you! Plus some accountability from me in your free checkin call to see how that plan is going.

If you want to get things moving in your business and build on your community for success. Join my Mums in Biz Tribe Facebook Group and SNAG MY FREE MINDSET CHECKLIST.

Nicole Tewierik