Filling your cup first is so important!
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When you are coming from a place of empty - it's so hard to be able to give to your family, your friends, and your clients, and it's the fastest way I know to drive yourself into overwhelm! I'm definitely no perfect angel at this, in fact I have to remind myself constantly to make sure that I am putting myself first. 

Do you struggle with this? Take a minute, what are the things that make you feel depleted? When do you feel energised? It doesn't have to be big things that you do to restore yourself, find your energy and drive - for me it's little things, like using my candles, or having a cup of tea in a nice china cup, taking some time to do reflection in my journal, or catching up with someone that I'm close to for a good chin-wag (that's a chat for those who don't speak aussie-slang!). I'm an introvert so my energy comes back when I have a few moments alone. Some of you might need to be around people though, maybe getting out for coffee with a group of friends, planning a night out or having people around to your place. 

Something else though, while it is important to remember that if your cup is empty, you just can't give what you need to to other people, you also need to check yourself on just how many people you are giving to! 

In the Thriving Business Roadmap I work through with you, when I was in that place of overwhelm THIS is how I moved through to creating a business, and a live that I absolutely love. I found this process helped me so much!

The reason it is important to have a think about this, is because you are probably doing too much, and you probably haven't checked in with yourself to see if they all align with where your priorities are at now. Things shift all the time in the busy lives of mum entrepreneurs, sometimes you need to give yourself permission to take a break from focussing on some of the relationships, or some of the roles that you fill to have enough of yourself left for everything else. 

Do you have someone to check in with? Who is in your biz tribe? This is another super important part of my strategy to keep things moving. My coach, and the tribe of amazing women that are my safe place to check in with, ask questions, and celebrate the small (and big!) wins. It takes a community to raise a child, and I so strongly believe that as women, we just can't succeed in business without it. We buy from people that we trust! When I come across something that I don't know how to do, I go to my tribe of trusted, amazing women to look for someone with the answers who can teach me. Are you looking for a real tribe? A community where it's safe, where we learn and share and grow together? Check out my growing Facebook community the Mums in Biz Tribe. I would just love to have you there!

Nicole Tewierik