Three tips to set goals that will get you moving
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Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution, made an exercise commitment or promised yourself you’d catch up on office organisation and just not been able to make yourself follow-through? We are pretty good at setting goals for ourselves, in our personal lives and in business, so why is it so hard to follow-through and achieve those things?

The mistake that most people make is not taking the time to figure out WHY they are setting the goal. When you set goals that don’t really mean anything to you, there is really no motivation for you to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. In small businesses particularly, your business goals need to be intertwined with your personal goals in life. So why not start with figuring out what you are striving to achieve in your life, and more importantly WHY you want that, then figure out your business goals to help you achieve that thing.

The psychology of goal setting tells us that goals need to be value-based, that means that you need to set goals that are in alignment with your own personal values. So no matter how badly you want to achieve a goal, if you have set yourself a goal to sell a number of a particular product, but you actually really value building relationships with people. Then you might struggle to achieve the goal because the focus of it is a bit out of alignment with your values. They are a great motivator when we get them right though, so how can you set goals that you really will achieve?

When you take all of this into account, in order to set business goals that will light a fire under you, and hopefully your business, you have to flip the whole goal setting process on it’s head!

So, In the busyness of life - how can you realign your commitments, prioritise the things that are truly important to you to enable to you work out the right goals? For me, getting control of my mindset, and how I make choices on a day to day basis freed me from guilt and enabled me to work out what was truly important to achieve my goals for both my family and my business. 

Check out my three hot tips for setting goals that you will stick to and let me know how you go with setting your goals!

Hot tip 1 – Know what you want in life

You need to sit down and think about where you want to be in a couple of years, what do you want life to be like, what are the things that get you really emotional when you think about having or changing them? Get yourself a really clear picture of what that looks like, for some people it’s writing a journal, some people make a dream book with pictures, others might talk it through with someone special and dream together. Make a list of the things that you really (really!) want to make happen for yourself or for the people that you care about over the next few years.

Hot tip 2 – Figure out what your small business needs to deliver

For you to get that picture of what you really want life to be like, what does your small business need to deliver. Consider what this means for the way that you work in your business, who you work with, what you do and how you make money. Figure this out in a really quantifiable way, that means put a dollar figure, and a timeline on it! This is super important for the third hot tip!

Hot tip 3 – Know how to motivate, and hold yourself accountable

Most of us know the things that really motivate us, but we rarely figure out ways to link those things to the goals that we are trying to achieve. Break your big goals down into small ‘chunks’, they should each be a little bit challenging, but achievable. Think about (and write down!!) the individual things that you need to do to achieve each ‘chunk’ and be realistic about your life commitments and how you will get those things done. Make sure that the people in your life know what your commitments are and talk about what support you will need (and what compromises you might need to make) to get them done. And most importantly, don’t forget to reward yourself along the way!

I'd love to talk with you about how your business goals are aligning to what you really want - and what you can tweak in your business to make sure you reach them. Book a free goal-setting call with me now.

Nicole Tewierik